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Highland camp

The Highland camp was a temporary military structure of the Highland Army, during their advance to the Farensal during the Giant Wars. The most permanent version of the camp was set on the eastern side of River Farinos, where they stayed for over a year, with the Lowland army blocking the crossing.


The camp consists of the tents of the soldiers and their defensive structures.


During the march the soldiers were accomodated in tents of 2x5 men, including 1-2 servants or wifes who took care of the water management, cooking and equipment of the tent. Each tent-group also had a pack goat to carry their heavier equipment.

During the periods of longer encampment, more tents were put up, so that the soldiers would have more privacy.


The most of the people in the camp are either the soldiers or their servants and other auxiliary personel of the army. There are also a few wifes and a couple of young children that have been born during the advancement.
Military, Camp
Owning Organization
Related Tradition (Primary)

Services available

  • Smith: Deremhos Nemar (repairs, new metal equipment)
  • Bard and foretelling: Kauteirin
  • Healer (who?)
  • Camp commander: Valinarda

Other inhabitants


Fín Arnár


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