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Fín Arnár

Fín Arnár, son of Renn Arnár was a Wanderer, possibly a ficticious person, primarily known from the epic Songs of Kauteirin by Ván of Sankai.

Personal history

He was born as the second son of an innkeeper, in Sasinwán, a small village somewere in the eastern Farensal. He had an older brother, Ásá, and he was a close childhood friend of Daursan and Kauteirin. He and Daursan were drafted into the army around the year 42 BFS.

Soon after that Daursan wounded him accidentally, while the two were practising combat. The commanders had underestimated Daursan's strenght -for it was not yet known that he was a half-giant - and given him a sharpened axe for practise. The camp healers tended to Fín, but he passed away the following night.  


Fín's Táldar rose soon after his death. After that his ghost followed Daursan persistently, but only rarely appearing to others. Fín's ghost is told to have been a constant torment to Daursan, but he also helped him in many ways during the Giant Wars.

Physical Description

Facial Features

His spirit has a permanent expression of shock on its face, of the moment when Daursan wounded him.

Special abilities

Fín is capable of reading other people's intentions, although what he communicates to Daursan, is filtered through his general mistrust. He can also communicate with the other dead.

Personality Characteristics


He is mistrusting of all people, because he was betrayed and killed by his best friend. Paradoxically he is now aiming to keep Daursan safe, but often by warning him of nonexistant threats, making Daursan paranoid of all his friends.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
58 BFS 40 BFS
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Daursan
Place of Death
Lowland army camp (unknown location)


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