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The ancestral home of the human race, Earth is the capital of the Terran Empire and the seat of power for the Empire, as well as the home fief of House Solarin . Earth, however, is a very different place since the disaster of the JS1E1 virus which left more than two billion dead. There remain vast swathes of the planet that are depopulated and wild, near lawless areas where there are too few people to properly police them.  


Earth is the capital of the Terran Empire and governed as a fiefdom of the Empire. It is the fiefdom of House Solarin, granted to them in 2387 after the Imperial Coup. House Solarin’s headquarters are in the capital city of Dhaka The planetary governor rules with a cabinet, appointed by the governor and most day to day decisions of planetary governance are left to the Lt-Governor.   The planet has its own legislative council, referred to as the Diet of Earth. This body is elected every ten years from the planet’s population. Some wards, however, are so sparsely populated that there are suspicions of voter-fraud. Equally many of the seats are all but certain to vote a certain way. There are only a dozen competitive seats, many of which are in the urban areas of the planet   The Diet legislates on laws for the planet but has limited authority over Dhaka as it is the Imperial Palace and ruled directly by the Lord-Chamberlain of the Empire. The Diet sets taxes and the planetary budget, in negotiation with the Lord-Governor and his cabinet   In the larger cities, most are ruled by an elected mayor and council  

The Governor of Earth

The Governorship of Earth was a hereditary title held by House Solarin from the fall of the Federated States and the so-called Imperial Coup of 2387 to the fall of the Empire in 2397.   The Diet agreed to allow House Solarin to retain its role as hereditary governors until the year 2516 when the Diet agreed, in a landmark deal , to join the Republic. As part of the agreement, House Solarin were forced to surrender the title of Lord-Governor.   Earth would hold elections for the role of Governor after 2520   Previous Governors
  1. August Solarin I 2385-2405
  2. Isaac Solarin 2405-2425
  3. Prince Alexander Solarin -Independent-2425- 2460
  4. Lord August Solarin II -Independent-2460-2500
  5. Dr Savan Solarin -independent- 2500-2520
  6. Dr Noah Averssen (Social Democratic Party ) 2520-2530
  7. Lacey Sondeheim -Social Democratic Party -2530-2540
  8. Madigan Wilks -Social Democratic Party -2540-2550
  9. Beckett Solarin -Independent - 2550-2560
  10. Doral Penright -Valiant Party -2560-2570
  11. Nurih Safin -Social Democratic Party -2570-2580
  12. Tiberius Corvo -Valiant Party -2580-


Earth is currently (as of 2440) home to 3.73 billion people according to recent census The breakdown of the population is:
  • Terrans 3,1000,000,000
  • Indirian 565,950,000
  • Other aliens (Embassy staff) 8,400
See the JS1E1 Virus  

Warlord Culture

Earth has, since the JS1E1 attack, been home to a peculiar Terran quirk of so-called Warlord Culture. Terrans who live on Earth are 9 times more likely to be trained to use a firearm and own a personal firearm.   Due to its long period of instability and chaos, Earth retained the culture of armed service in militias, ranging from rag-tag bands to fully fledged private armies, the most famous being the so called Terran Legion of House Solarin  

Important Places


see Dhaka City Dhaka is the capital city of Earth and in some ways the most important city of the Empire. Home to over 30 million people, with another nine million living in the ever-expanding suburbs around the city. Dhaka is a very modern city, having been rebuilt from the ground up after the end of the Terran Civil war and the JS1E1 Virus.   The city is home to the Imperial Palace, which is the historic Headquarters of the Imperial Fleet, Marine Corps and Civilian Intelligence Services (CIS). House Solarin’s headquarters are there in a wide-ranging estate   The Dhaka City police department (DCPD) is funded by taxes passed in the city as well as a budget item from the Empire. The DCPD employs 30,000 sworn officers and has to deal with the complex zoning issues around the city which are governed under a combination of Imperial and planetary law   Dhaka has a state-of-the-art infrastructure but is not without problems. There is considerable overcrowding in some areas of the city along with spiralling rent prices too, driving many of the poorer citizens into the less well looked after parts of town or the suburbs. There are issues with poverty, crime and corruption, as with any major city Dhaka is home to a large Valtinist facility that offers charity, education and even free housing, as well as running a formal college. Prospective students needn’t be Valtinists (but those who are Precept Valtinists do not pay tuition fees)   Dhaka is home to several major colleges, the most prestigious of which is Sacred Heart, a teaching hospital and college   Interestingly, there are very few major corporate structures in Dhaka. This is in part thanks to House Solarin’s difficult relationship with the corporations and the very prices charged to corporations opening on the planet. Killian-Calburn, Proteus KP and Allied-West all have facilities in the city, as well as offices there too. There are also lots of small local corporations there too  

Old Chicago

Chicago was largely abandoned during the JS1E1 crisis and taken over by a coalition of criminal gangs. They were driven out and defeated during August Solarin’s campaign to take control of the planet but the city was left a shadow of its pre-virus level   Several fortified camps grew into local communities and slow rebuilding process was begun. After the Imperial Coup, House Valane was granted authority over the city and its surrounding area. House Valane invitied corporate finance to help rebuild the city and spent a considerable sum on redeveloping the city. Over the last twenty years the population has steadily increased up to 2 million people with another 1.5 in the surrounding areas VENTRISS UDC, Allied West, Proteus KP and EDN have offices in Chicago  

New York

New York was also badly affected by the JS1E1 Virus but luckily was used as a jumping off point for deliveries in the rebuilding office. New York has gradually returned to its pre virus levels with around ten million people living in or around New York   Allied West have a major facility on the planet, largely used for construction of ship-parts and drive-cores New York is also home to several major banking institutes and hedge funds  


Athens was a cultural and political hub of pre-virus Earth and was largely saved by local “warlord” Atrios Avankiss who protected the area with a well-ordered local militia. Athens is home to around one million people and is a still a cultural hub, though most of the main media outlets have their base in Dhaka now   Athens is often seen as the most exciting bohemian city on Earth and many young artists, poets and wanderers flock there. The Avankiss dynasty no longer holds the lands but there is a vibrant political scene there   Athens is home to two major colleges, the University of Laconia and Eusebius College, both of which have excellent reputations.   Athens was struck by an orbital attack from the Karkouri Regime, destroying many ancient buildings and killing more than 8,000 people.  

Moscow Urban Conurbation

Moscow was evacuated but avoided being razed to the ground thanks to the fast actions of its local warlord, General Zattomir, a former marine general who struck out on his own and did not recognize the authority of the state Moscow was, for a while, a dangerous place to live and much of the old urban spread was bulldozed to be replaced by armaments factories and high yield farms. However, after General Zattomir’s death the area has been looked after by the Kimov family, an old political family with an interest in industry. There has been outside investment but no major corporation has settled there, with the exception of Killian-Calburn who were already there as Killian Energy had a major facility on the planet   MUC is home to around 10 million people and whilst there’s a lot of work there, it is also one of the harder places to live with winters getting increasingly harsher.   It is also home to some separatist thought with communities who view the Empire as being “no help” to the locals and feeling that the planet would be better off as an independent world  

Sydney Agricultural Belt

It’s a common view that during the dark days of the JS1E1 virus, it was the Sydney Agricultural Belt that kept the planet from starving to death. Run initially as a private industry, it was seized by Warlord General Atkins who agreed to supply food and agricultural goods to the other factions in return for arms and a promise not to invade Since the end of the Warlord days and General Atkins exile to Mars, SAB is now home to hundreds of small town sized ag-settlements where the people live to grow food, raise animals and live largely independent of the rest of the planet.   The people of the SAB are also somewhat politically inclined towards separatism but they are also known to be hard bitten pragmatists and have some support for the Solarin dynasty  

Lhasa City

After the virus hit, Lhasa City in Tibet became one of the safest places for a person to end up and for a long time, until House Solarin rebuilt Dhaka, it was seen as the de-facto capital of the planet. It is still home to a lot of intellectuals and colleges, with Guiding Light college one of the most prestigious liberal arts colleges on the planet Lhasa is home to around 750,000 people with another half a million living around it. Lhasa also has a large Valtinist school there  


Vietnam is one of the most dangerous and unruly parts of the planet. Home to around 4 million people, it has seen multiple brush fire wars, the most recent ending in 2405. One of the key issues in Vietnam is the lack of major cities or urban landscapes, making law and order very difficult to maintain. Efforts to improve the local infrastructure go on and the city of Saigon is being steadily rebuilt  


The wide plains and steppes of Mongolia are also home to a lot of rebellious and lawlessness, with around seven million people living in scattered communities, some of which appear to have regressed (by choice) in terms of technology   There have been no brushfire wars in Mongolia but a lack of investment from the central government has seen life in Mongolia go on and become steadily less and less inclined towards the Imperial government A regiment of troops for the Imperial Legion was raised from Mongolia. The 37th Assault Regiment is considered an elite unit but at the last count, only 50% of its members are from Mongolia now.  


A newly developing problem area is the former Great Britain, now referred to as Albion. It was heavily deserted during the JS1E1 virus and then fires destroyed much of old London. Minor Warlord Copper took over the area, renaming Albion and attempting to make it an independent state but he was swept aside in a short but savage conflict   Albion is now home to around 15 million people, centred around Birmingham and Manchester. However, there are scattered communities living in small, old and crumbling towns all over the island state and many of them harbour strong separatist feelings

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