House Knottman were a major political dynasty in the 26th century  


  1. Attorney General Gawain Knottman - Social Democratic Party -2515-2545
  2. President Herrick Knottman -Social Democratic Party - 2545 - 2565
  3. Price Knottman-Grumman - Proteus KP - 2565 -

Business Ventures

Herrick Knottman founded the Wye Street Partnership, a major lobbying firm based on New Berlin. The firm was sold off to Hedge fund Fuller-Massey in 2555.   Herrick's wife, Alanna Knottman founded Glasshouse Security in 2545, a security firm based on Earth, specialized in intelligence gathering. Among the company's investors rank the Solarin and Avander-Slade families, as well as some Unions and hedge funds. After being embroiled in an affair that led to President Knottman's resignation, he disbanded the company in 2565 and all investors were paid back.   In 2560, Herrick founded the Gawain Knottman Legal Trust, a non-profit organisation based on Earth, dedicated to providing legal aid accross The Terran Republic for those who cannot afford it. The fund doubled with a generous donation from House Avander-Slade in 2565.   In 2565, Price Knottman-Grumman started the Ten Torches Foundation, a research organization dedicated to investigating strange and unexplained phenomena in the quadrant.   In 2565, Price Knottman-Grumman founded the mining corporation Forge, whose mission statement was to be an example of good working practices and social entrepreneurship.
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