The Solarin family was a major political dynasty from the late 24th century. They were the founding members of the first Imperial Dynasty and are generally referred to as the Solarin Dynasty

Previous Scions

2375-2405 Emperor August Solarin I   2405-2429 Emperor Isaac Solarin I   2429- 2459-Prince Alexander Solarin   2459-2500 - Lord August Solarin II   2500- 2516- Lord Alexius Solarin * surrendered hereditary title   2516-2540- Dr Savan Solarin   2540- Beckett Solarin   Business Ventures House Solarin founded Urgent Armouries, a small but highly regarded shipyard and ship-construction company based on Earth.   House Solarin are major investors in LGD Gamma


House Solarin are the Lord-Governor's of Earth . There is, however, some cross-over with the Imperial government in the city of Dhaka   House Solarin surrendered their hereditary seat of Earth in 2516 due to the decision to bring Earth into the The Terran Republic
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