Current Cast List

This article details the current player and GM cast list, as well as helping to show who is affiliated to which polities and political parties, as well as religous or corporate affiliations. The information is what is canonically known in setting   Correct as of 2545
Player House / Character Polity Alignment Political Party Corporate Interests
Lauren H House Valane The Antares Federation Moderate Vishnu Elpis Majority Shareholder Proteus KP (Medical Corporation)
'Sebastian' R House Solarin The Terran Republic Moderate Independent Shareholder in LGD Gamma (High Tech Construction Corporation)
John M Assistant GM
Luke M House Brahms The Antares Federation Moderate Librarius  Owner of Tanit (High Tech Corporation)
Ben D House Grumman The Terran Republic Liberal Gurava Shareholder in LGD Gamma
Edward M House Ashpool The Terran Republic Conservative Valiant Party Majority Shareholder in Ashpool-Kilian Industries (Arms Manufacturer)
Tom K House Sondeheim The Antares Federation Conservative Tyr First Shareholder in LGD Gamma , Owner of ARBI (Investment Bank)
Clement J House Knottman The Terran Republic Liberal Social Democratic Party No Corporate Connection Known
John-Paul C House Drayfuss The Antares Federation Moderate Librarius  Tech Corporation Owner
Ben Re House Ishida The Antares Federation Moderate Vishnu Elpis Owner of Tycho Information Services (Information Security Corporation)
Ben Ro House Navarro The Terran Republic Moderate Vishnu Elpis Shareholder in Allied West and Ashpool-Kilian Industries
Tim C House Cutbill The Terran Republic Conservative Isolationist Party Shareholder in Allied West
Matt L House Dutton The Terran Republic Conservative Isolationist Party  Owner of Big Hoss Farming (Farming and agricultural business)
Mickey House Elazar The Antares Federation Conservative Ravenheart  Controls a charitable trust fund
  • Richard Hart - Principal GM, author of the O/G setting
  • Matt K- Assistant GM
  • John Mizon - GM Auxiliary
  • NOTE - I can't add lines to this table at the current time so haven't been able to add Alex T or Ben C

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