House Sondeheim were a Great House within the Empire in the 24th and 25th century


2387-2399 - Lady Catherine Sondeheim   2399-2404 - Lord Elbar Sondeheim   2404-2417 - Lord Kentan Sondeheim   2417-2440 - Lord Maldon Sondeheim   2440- 2480 - Lord Pragar Sondeheim   2480-2495 - Lord Reid Sondeheim (Regent)   2480-2434 - Lord Kentan Sondeheim II   2434-Present - Lord Elbar Sondeheim II


House Sondeheim are the rulers of the sandy, hostile world of Furnace. they were forced into exile by the fall of the Terran Empire and the foundation of the St Lawrence Compact  

Business Ventures

House Sondeheim are investors in LGD Gamma  and founded major banking firm Amun-Ra Banking.

Political Ideology

House Sondeheim were of a conservative political ideology during the time of the Empire.  After the fall of the Empire, the Sondeheims adopted a more moderate political ideology, with members of their family serving in elected office as members of several different political parties
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Notable Members

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