Lacey Sondeheim

Lacey Sondheim was a influential political figure in the 26th century, Governor of Earth, lawyer and member a of House Sondeheim .  

Early Life

Raised on Mars with her older brother Kentan, Lacey was close with her father. The black sheep of the Sondeheim family, she felt distanced from them after her fathers death in the Battle of Mars. This was further compounded by her Liberal leaning tendencies compared to the staunch conservatism displayed by the older members of the family.   She angered her grandfather the Lord Sondeheim as she eschewed military service in favour of a career as a lawyer. She graduated from Cydonia College in 2484 with a BA in Law.  


Lacey travelled to Furnace for the first time in her life following Lord Prager's funeral. Arriving in early 2485, she aided in the construction of Luxor. Spending time assisting her granduncle Lt-Governor Hutton in his duties and aiding logistical efforts.  

Legal Career

Using her position as a Sondeheim she set about restoring the legal system on Furnace and establishing the rights of the citizens in 2487. These were taken away in 2440 by her grandfather following the Brotherhood of the Sun rebellion. This was seen as the beginning of the end for martial law that the planet was under from 2440 until 2515 when it was formally abolished. Although in practice the military was sidelined in civilian life long before, starting with Lacey's reforms.   In 2489 Lacey travelled to Earth and gained a role within the Ministry of State Justice as a defence attorney, specializing in civil rights. She gained valuable connections with prominent liberal lawyers and activists.   She was appointed as an Imperial Attorney as was heavily involved in the trials of Burning Path operatives following the Cobalt Attack. It was during this time she met her future husband, Jagadis Rishi

Marriage and children

Lacey met Jagadis during her time as an Imperial attorney in 2490. She frequently had dealings with his law firm and the two began dating in mid 2490. In 2493 the couple married and their first child Hannah was born in late 2493.   The couple went on to have two more children.
  • Victoire Rishi-Sondeheim (Born 2494)
  • Taylor Rishi-Sondeheim (Born 2495)
Jagadis and Lacey remained close for the remainder of her life, aiding each other in all they attempted.  

The Diet

As the turmoil following the 7th Terran-Karkouri war was in full force, Lacey ran and won a seat in the Diet of Earth in 2500. She entered as a liberal leaning independent advocating on joining with the The Free Worlds Republic. This was met with mixed success in the Diet, although Lacey was involved in some minor decisions regarding the Republic.   Jagadis and Lacey were seen as highly controversial figures on Earth because of their hard line to join The Republic . This was because it was a divisive decision and it undermined the rule of House Solarin .   When Earth joined the Republic in 2516, Lacey's standing rose greatly, although she still remained unpopular. During Dr. Averssen's run a Governor, Lacey worked with the administration, wary of the bellicose and aggressive tone of the new Valiant Terran Party and their allies.   Lacey formally joined the Social Democratic Party in 2530.  


In late 2530 Lacey won the SDP nomination to be Governor of Earth. She was endorsed by the previous Governor and Presidential nominee Noah Averssen, as well as many other prominent Earth based politicians.   With her landslide electoral victory in 2530 Lacey was propelled to the forefront of Terran politics. The role of Governor proved incredibly demanding in this time with the liberation of many Terran worlds being at the forefront of the Republics mind. The oft competitive and fractious Diet of Earth proved resistant to her moderate attempts at reform.   She was, however, able to reform the transport laws and increase the availability of public transport, particularly to rural locations. She also brokered a deal to increase spending on “new build” cities, an old project that House Solarin had tried to implement.   Lacey's last five years as Governor were fraught with constant adversity and challenges. She spent her time dealing with the SDP scandals and distancing herself from the disgraced chairman Malik Grumman. She remained neutral during the impeachment of President Noah Averssen.   Although she made her feelings known when she announced a referendum on Earth's membership in the Republic, citing concerns over the fractious nature of the Federal Government and the growing divide among the citizenry of Earth. This prompted a rare show of cooperation from both the SDP and Valliant members of the Diet. It also prompted a public display of anger from Dr Savan Solarian who was heartbroken at this turn of events.   Following calls from the SDP to kick her out of the party and a potential primary challenge she confirmed that she would not seek another term as Governor.   She then considered leaving the SDP and urging her allies to swap to Gurava following this but was advised not to by her family. Sources at the time say for fear that it would damage the SDP prospects on Earth even further.

Retirement and Death

Following her eventful term as Governor, Lacey retired with Jagadis to their estate just outside of Dhaka. She spent this time writing her memoirs called "Winter in the Desert". The book sold quite well and was especially popular on Furnace. Critics lauded it as "fascinating" and "very well written" giving an insight into the life of a minor Imperial noble who journeyed to become Governor of Earth in one of the most fractured times in Terran history.   In 2545 Lacey passed after a short period of illness. Her funeral was well attended, with former President Noah Averssen who gave a very moving eulogy for her. Notably, the current Governor, Madigan Wilks (SDP) did not come to the funeral, stating she had state business to attend to.  


Lacey's legacy is a complicated one. The difference in her upbringing compared to her later life is indicative of the change in the time.    Her attempt at calling an independence referendum on Earth alienated her from most of her allies and soured the political class to her and by extension her family. However her duty and love to Earth, its people and democracy is apparent by the rationale behind this move, political scholar Augren Suirak argues in his book on mid century Republic politics.   
As a minor Imperial noble she exemplified the change in the Terrans at this time, moving away from the oligarchs ruling as nobles to a democratically elected head of state. She recognised the need for democracy and its future guiding the Terran people.   She worked to bring Earth into the Republic and when elected Governor aided those in need by providing infrastructure for them. - Dr. Becker Carsh, Political History Expert
2463 2545 82 years old
Circumstances of Death
Cydonia, Mars
Place of Death
Dhaka, Earth
Aligned Organization
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