Prager Sondeheim

Lord Prager Sondeheim was a minor political figure from the 25th century. He served as Foreign minister during the disputed regency and was the 5th Lord-Governor of Furnace holding the title from 2440 to 2480.  

Early Life

Born in 2405 on Furnace, to Lord Maldron Sondeheim, Lord Prager spent much of his early life on Furnace. Shortly after graduating from Cydonia studying military histroy, Prager enlisted in the imperial marines where he served for 14 years, a role in which he excelled and achieved the rank of Colonel until the untimely passing of his father, Lord Maldron in 2440.   Lord Prager had two children
  • Archer Sondeheim (born 2433)
  • Lord Reid Sondeheim (born 2435)

    The Brotherhood of the Sun

    There had been considerable chatter on Furnace of a rebel movement, funded by external sources. This was later pinned on the rogue Lord Kotek Grumman. This chatter broke out into a fully fledged rebellion, with the emergence of the so-called "Brotherhood of the Sun".   With the planetary garrison of 5000 marines being woefully outnumbered by the 30,000 insurrectionists, the council ordered 300,000 marines to assist in 2446. The campaign lasted until 2448 as the rebel numbers had grown rapidly in the time.   Having been thrust into his new role and the politics of the Imperial court rather quickly, Prager took his hereditary seat in the Imperial Court. He left the management of the planet to Hutton Sondeheim, his younger brother, installing him as Lt Governor.  


    Prager Sondeheim lived a quiet life as Lord Governor of Furnace in Dhaka after the Brotherhood of the Sun uprising until 2459 when he affiliated with the Imperial Protectorate party. This party was under the leadership of Lord Kotek Grumman.   Lord's Grumman and Sondeheim worked at a distance from each other for the first few years of their relationship. They grew closer after Prager officially joined Imperial Protectorate, this close relationship between these great houses would eventually culminate in a love match between Kentan Sondeheim and Arabella Grumman, Kotek's daughter.   In 2465 he joined the Imperial Protectorate's completely, splitting from the conservatives.   After the arrest of Lord Kotek, Prager became the leader of the Imperial Protectorate faction. His first and only move was to dissolve the faction in an effort to distance himself from the previous leader. He subsequently joined the conservatives.

    Foreign Minister

    Lord Prager finally rose above his role as a senior minister of state by his appointment as envoy to the galactic Council after many years of feeling overlooked in 2465. In 2470 he rose to the position of Foreign Minister and retained the position until his removal by Chancellor Eleutheria 01 Ashpool as consequence for his vote of aye to no confidence in 2476. He was previously asked to resign the position after publishing a letter denouncing the move to ally with the Tazzyn as a "vacuous endeavor", igniting strife between the "Titanium Chancellor" and the Lord-Governor.   Following this he took position as Foreign minister in the royalist government in opposition to The Titanium Chancellor. As no foreign government recognized the royalists, Lord Prager's role was relegated to that of giving advice to the government. Lord Prager was present in Dhaka during the battle of Mars which halted the Zzenddi advance. In this engagement Lord Prager's heir, Archer Sondeheim, was killed in action. After-action reports state that Archer perished after ordering all non-essential personnel off the ship and ensuring his crew evacuated after the Alexander took a severe hit.   Lord Prager felt it was the short-sightedness of the Lord Governors for attempting the remove Chancellor Eletheria Ashpool without a contingency that was responsible and felt that the council was equally responsible for rushing into the vote of no confidence when legally it relied on the Chancellor to step down at their own volition. This was made evident in private letters between the Lord and his conservative allies.   While Prager was estranged from his son, with Archer being more liberal and less inclined to eschew the finer things in life, he felt the loss of his son before their reconciliation keenly, having seen him last at the birth of Lacey Sondeheim some 16 years prior. Especially as it was his politicking that gained Archer his command of the Alexander.  

    Retirement and Death

    Prager continued as Lord Governor of Furnace and head of House Sondeheim until the conclave of 2480, in which he voted for Lord Azrael Krane. His next action was to abdicate in favour of his grandson, Kentan Sondeheim II with Reid Sondeheim acting as regent.   Prager Sondeheim retired to Earth, to a farm in the old country of France, where he passed away in 2484 in the company of his granddaughter, Lacey, and his faithful dog, Duty after a short period of illness.   His reign as Lord Governor saw him take Furnace from a hotbed of rebellion at the behest of the Brotherhood of the Sun to the beginnings of a modern planet that could stand to take its place in the Empire with the construction of a new naval base and shipyard in addition to the plans for Luxor being drawn up. Although many modern historians believe that Reid Sondeheim played a heavy part in influencing his father to do this.   Prager Sondeheim was a serious and militaristic man, believing that while conservatism was the correct way forward, reaching across the aisle and working with others in the face of existential threats, like the Zzenddi was imperative. He valued honour and tradition above all else and felt the failings of the council were the greatest the Empire had ever seen. While a calm and measured man in public, people closest to him spoke of his terrible anger in private that dampened down to a hard melancholy after Archers death which he viewed as avoidable.
    Prager Aged 62
    2405 2484 79 years old
    Circumstances of Death
    New Cario, Furnace
    Place of Death
    France, Earth
    Aligned Organization

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