Reid Sondeheim

Lord Reid Sondeheim was a minor political figure in the 25th century. Reid was the Lord-Chamberlain of the The Terran Empire and Regent for House Sondeheim from 2480 to 2495.  

Early Life

Born in 2435 on Vanheim as the second son to Lord Prager Sondeheim, Reid lived on a marine base until the age of 5 when his father became Lord Sondeheim and moved the family to Furnace.   Reid studied Law at Cydonia College. In his time there he befriended Lord Maddox Collingwood. After he obtained his degree he entered into the imperial marines for a 5 year tour of duty in the JAG corps.   After his tour of duty he moved to Earth where he practiced law and was able to stay close to his father. After a few years of discussions, Prager asked Reid to aid the House in its corporate affairs. This effectively handed over control of the House's assets to Reid.   Reid had one child
  • Travic Sondeheim (born 2470)


After his elder brother Archer's death in the Battle of Mars and his father's retirement following the conclave of 2480, Reid assumed the position of Head of the House. As House Sondeheim practices absolute primogeniture, Reid was passed over for his nephew Kentan Sondeheim, who was only 20 years old at the time, as Lord Sondeheim.   During his time as regent, Reid strengthened House Sondeheim's assets and finished construction of a major naval base on Furnace. Reid in addition drew up plans for and constructed the city of Luxor. This new capital city was populated by refugees fleeing the Zzendii on orders from Reid and the subsequent income of people swelled the planets population to just under 2 million.  

Lord Chamberlain

Upon the election of Azrael Krane to the position of Terran Emperor in 2580 Reid was made Lord-Chamberlain in the war-time cabinet. This was as thanks for his fathers support in the conclave. Sitting at the right hand of Emperor Krane, Reid discharged his duties with a quiet pragmatism.   In 2482 Emperor Krane granted Reid a life Peerage in recognition of his wartime efforts.   During his time as Chamberlain the Prospero uplift was completed. A recommendation from Reid was made for General Gosmay to be selected as Governor in 2488. The council's liberal faction bemoaned the addition of another conservative to the council but were argued down by the court.   Following the retirement of his uncle Hutton Sondeheim, Reid was asked to resign his regency by his nephew and become Lt Governor of Furnace in 2495.  


Reid travelled back to Furnace and addressed some growing concerns of the populace. However his tenure was cut short with the fall of the Empire.  

Post Empire

There is some speculation as to why following Decius Collingwood's betrayal Reid travelled to St. Lawrence to assist the Collingwood regime. Hilon Nueman, a historian who specialised in the Collapse of the Terran Empire speculates  
Perhaps he wished to reconnect with his old friend Maddox, he may have wished to ensure Furnace had a good future ahead of it by ingratiating himself with their new rulers. None can say for sure however as the Homesteaders enacted their coup before Reid could contact his nephew about his plans.
  In 2504 in the brutal One Day Coup, Reid Sondeheim was murdered by the Homesteaders among the thousands of others that died that day. This was later confirmed by VAIL when they took control the planet.
Reid aged 65 in his ceremonial Chamberlain robes
2435 2504 69 years old
Circumstances of Death
Murdered by the Homesteaders
Place of Death
Standard City, St. Lawrence
Aligned Organization


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