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Tiberius Djanzer

Tiberius Djanzer

Tiberius Djanzer is an eccentric genius and industrial magnate who has dedicated hiw entire life to the creation of dieseltech devices and weaponry that might, one day, win the War of Reunification in favor of his beloved Coalition of Breakaway Colonies. Revered for his brilliance and patriotism and reviled for his bloodthirstiness in equal measure, Mr. Djanzer is a polarizing figure in the modern Manifold Sky setting.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Craterhold Unity Flag by BCGR_Wurth
Tiberius was the only son of Margarite and Sedrik Djanzer of House Djanzer in Craterhold (municipality), a Holdsman family of mixed Elovisian and New Voxelian heritage which had long been connected to the local defense industries. Born into wealth among the continuous political intrigue of the Craterhold industrial aristocracy, young Tiberius was raised to value intellectual rigor, military prowess, and loyalty to country in equal measure. Like many of Elovisian extraction and Holdsman background in particular, Tiberius' upbringing instilled in him a fervent desire to see the exiled tribes and former colonial holdings of the Voxelian superpower finally achieve a full and lasting independence from their old, distant masters in Silkenvault.   A series of smart investments in his early 20s landed Tiberius a significant personal fortune. After a long period of extensive tutelage and attending the best schooling the city had to offer, Tiberius joined, and subsequently expanded, the family business: Djanzer Mechanics CrMH.


Tiberius Djanzer's cold-blooded pursuit of excellence extends into his romatic interests, with women he has been formerly romantically involved with noting that he regards all such entanglements as simply transactional in nature. Tiberius has something of a pygmalion complex, choosing women of poor means - or even some stage automaton servants of his personal residence - as objects onto which to project his own vision of aesthetic perfection.


As the 'golden son' of the Djanzer industrialist family, Tiberius spends every day using his wide-reaching investments and personal technical expertise to encourage the research and development of new technologies with potential military applications, focusing specifically on auto-armor, dieseltech computers and automatons.   It is likely that, had Project: Elastomer Soul not been the work of Data Engines Limited in the Commonwealth of C, then Djanzer would have been the one to complete it. In fact, under Tiberius, Djanzer Mechanics is currently developing new autonomous auto-armor units in the vein of the Elastomer Souls, with some speculating that he might actually be working from stolen blueprints - after all, while both companies are eager supporters of the war effort, they are competitors in some segments of the market. Tiberius both respects and reviles Auburn Aerotechnical's leader, Dr. Calvin Slaus-Braun, as another major innovator in this sector who nonetheless serves the interests of the Voxelian state Tiberius so reviles.

Intellectual Characteristics

Tiberius exhults in seeing his products work as intended: protecting Coalition soldiers and killing Voxelian soldiers in droves. He takes a direct hand in developing new defense products, using his own extensive knowledge of engineering to suggest new approaches to problems, reverse engineer captured technology, and build upon the research of others. Surprisingly for someone so heavy-handed in their beliefs, Tiberius Djanzer's subordinates like and respect him because of his frankness, willingness to acknowledge the achievements of others, and unambiguous objectives; in Djanzer Mechanics, if one works towards the survival of the Coalition, Tiberius will give one all the support and encouragement one needs to get the job done.

Morality & Philosophy

Tiberius Djanzer is, in some respects, a high-functioning sociopath. His desire to see the Voxelian state cast out of the Coalition's territory, while normal given the circumstances of his upbringing, has a dark, sadistic streak to it that sees him routinely pushing ethically dubious methods for combatting the enemy. He has requested permission to use Voxelian prisoners of war in war games to test his weaponry, but stopped when it was expressed to him that this was something the Coalition generals deemed beyond the pale; only the desire to retain defense contracts, not moral introspection, stopped further inquiries. Rumors of chemical and biological weapons research going on in his subterranean estate (see Wealth) remain unconfirmed.  
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On the occasions where Bards-Recursant, mercenary crews, and other limbs of the Voxelian state stumble into his holdings, he uses the opportunity to toy with them while testing whatever new weapons he has there. In fact, Tiberius has been known to acquire buildings and patches of land on the periphery of Coalition holdings specifically to serve as bait, using RadNet telepresence to then conduct 'live' tests on his fresh-trapped 'prey.'   Ultimately, Tiberius Djanzer's antics are tolerated by his compatriots because, for all his moral failings, he is vehemently pro-Coalition and is a major supplier of critical war materiel. It is unknown what he would do should he actually get what he desires - an end to the war with a decisive Coalition victory - but there is speculation that he might push for punitive annexation of long-held Voxelian territorial holdings as reparations for the war. This would likely spur renewed hostility, thus undoing his gains, but the business implications would certainly benefit him.


Religious Views

Tiberius Djanzer does not believe in a god, preferring to believe that the universe is a physically determinite thing that can be understood through the pure language of mathematics rather than faith in any sort of higher power.

Wealth & Financial state

As both a shrewd businessman and a favored scion of a well-monied political dynasty, Tiberius Djanzer is insanely wealthy, rivalling the net worth of even the Master Harlequin families of the Voxelian Council of Liars. He lives and conducts personal experiments in a sprawling mansion complex constructed deep beneath the Craterhold Innovation Expo Park, a public attraction in which he is a major silent investor. Djanzer Mechanics personnel and his own professional bodyguard are deeply ingrained into the organizational structure of the park, feeding Tiberius important intelligence and protecting his interests from outside interference.

Lawful Evil
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Year of Birth
9976 24 Years old
Current Residence
Private mansion complex beneath the Craterhold Innovation Expo Park
Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
180 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations
"Ah, Voxelian imperialists! Welcome to my luscious estate. I see you have already made yourself comfortable. I think you'll find my accomodations quite unusual, but I trust we will both learn from this experience. I have prepared a bit of entertainment for you. Entertainment is a big part of your culture, no? Surely, you won't mind indulging our curiosity, then? But enough chit-chat - let's commence with the festivities, shall we? Don't disappoint me, imperialists. Tch!
— Tiberius Djanzer, to Cade's Crusaders, upon trapping them in the mansion foyer before calling his own mercenaries and automata in.

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  • Tiberius Djanzer is, in some respects, a high-functioning sociopath.

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