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Feumont's Special Deck

Feumont Atsuhi - Silkenvault's self-proclaimed 'Greatest Illusionist' - is a well-known globetrotter and, in recent times, has sparked up an increasingly amourous relationship wtih Angela "Ghostleaf" Foxglove, the CEO of the Ghostleaf Foundation. From his occasional sojourns to territories not within the protection of the Grand Army of Voxelia, such as to attend the Ironies' Grand Prix, to his closeness to more than one important personage, Feumont lives a life that gets a little more dangerous with every passing year. Blackmailers, jealous fans, would-be assassins of the rich and powerful, and agents of the Coalition all might have reasons to come for Feumont one day; indeed, Feumont's involvement with the The Garbage Man's plot to destroy the Manifold Sky is largely due to his tangential involvement with Angela, the terrorist's real target.   Aside from a few close confidants and the services of hired protection at his ports of call, Feumont has the gumption and foresight to take the defense of his person into his own hands. A master illusionist and card sharp, Feumont's 'away' apparel comes well-prepared with hidden weapons, including blades, firearms, and even chemical agents that might be used in a pinch. His 'Special Deck' is one such weapon.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Instead of the usual card stock, the oversized cards of the Special Deck are comprised of thin, sturdy sheets imported Eudoxium. Each sheet is polished and sharpened to a razor's edge near each vertex, turning them into lightweight shuriken. The tolerances used in the production of each card are so tight that the thin layer of colored enamel that depicts each suit and value serves the double purpose of preventing the cards from wringing together like calibration blocks.   The shoe in which the Special Deck is kept is also of unique construction, featuring a long finger slot to allow for easy draws from the top and protective barriers on all sides to prevent an accidental slip of the hand from turning into a medical emergency. Once the lid - three walls at the top - is opened, a twist of the drawing finger can push the sharp corners of the card into one of several reservoirs arranged around the protective walls. These reservoirs use capillary action, like the body of an ink pen, to store several varieties of chemical agents with which Feumont may choose to dose a target.   As Feumont is of the sort that would rather resolve things peacefully, he usually chooses to dose cards from his Special Deck with paralytics or hallucinogens from his own reserve rather than deadly toxins. A close swipe, a precise throw, or even just placing a dosed card in a place that is likely to be searched on his person is enough to send drugs coursing into the veins of his would-be assailant, downing them and allowing Feumont to escape. With the murderous 125 Hands going about the world, however, Feumont has chosen to fill one reservoir with a deadly harrow analogue just in case.


Even a card from the Special Deck, tossed with force and precision of a master card sharp, is seldom fatal. The mass of even metal cards isn't enough to penetrate much in the way of armor or through enough flesh to reach a vital artery. Instead, Feumont typically aims for the eyes or hands of his opponents to create an opening for some other action. The cards do have a use in cutting thin wires, strands of fabric, or spider webs, and he has used this quality of the Special Deck in the past as a part of his stage act.

Item type
Weapon, Ranged
While sharpened metal cards for cardistry purposes are not uncommon in stage magic circles, the Special Deck is customized to Feumont and is, therefore, unique.

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