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Feumont Atsuhi

Showman Feumont Vincent Atsuhi (a.k.a. Silkenvault's Greatest Illusionist)

Feumont Atsuhi, self-proclaimed Silkenvault's Greatest Illusionist, is a famous traveling stage performer.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Feumont is a something of a polymath, able to make or work with pyrotechnics, lighting, stage automatons, costumes, and props to suit his purposes. While he is skilled in numerous facets of stage illusion, his most popular act involves throwing vyozha cards, a skill in which he has set Manifold records for distance and accuracy.

Apparel & Accessories

Feumont is rarely seen in public without a well-tailored suit, top hat, and reinforced umbrella. He always carries the elements of several small magic tricks on his person for "impromptu entertainment." Several packs of playing cards are always included amongst his kit.

Specialized Equipment

Despite appearances, Feumont is always armed in public, as he knows his station as a Voxelian trained by the College of Bards makes him a possible target of harassment (or worse) from citizens of the breakaway colonies. The handle of his umbrella conceals a two-shot pistol, while the haft is strong enough to batter an opponent in melee range. One pack of vyozha cards in his possession is actually comprised of razor-sharp alloy cards, and he can hurl these with the force of shuriken to dissuade muggers without having to kill them. Depending on circumstances, Feumont might also possess pyrotechnics (such as smoke bombs or flash powder) to enable escape.

Mental characteristics


An early prodigy of illusion and card sharp skills, Feumont was accepted into the College of Bards and graduated with honors from performing arts program there. He was offered work with the Council of Liars as a Bard-Recursant, but decided that this path was not for him, as it would both force him out of the spotlight and might require him to hurt people (which he generally abhors). It was during his time at the college that Feumont picked up dieseltech programming as a hobby from his friends in the stage automaton program, later applying this skill into his stage repertoire, though he lacks the ability to build stage automatons from scratch.


Feumont has been a professional illusionist for most of his career, with his shows gaining popularity due to their variety and technical complexity. Having fallen in love with the Verdial audience and the natural scenery found in Petalcap Vale, Feumont is currently on an extended tour in the Vale. His choice of venue frequently puts him in contact with the office staff of the Ghostleaf Foundation, and he has since become close friends with the Foxglove family.

Accomplishments & Achievements

While he is respected in Voxelia, his card-related skills are renowned enough that he is banned from most gambling dens there. He takes his banishment from these places as a point of pride, as he often wryly admits he "couldn't help himself" if given a card table to work around. Despite his nationality, he has pseudonymously participated in at least one Ironies' Grand Prix event, with the 9998 AR IGP Winter Series being his most recent conquest.

Personality Characteristics


Feumont thrives on public recognition and admiration for his talents. Privately, Feumont strives to perfect his skills at every opportunity, both as a means of competition with other performers and as a way of satisfying his own perfectionism.

Virtues & Personality perks

Feumont is highly competent in his fields of expertise and is always striving to improve himself as a person. While not as socially perceptive as someone like Angela Foxglove, Feumont is always keen to brighten the days of those around him, providing welcome levity and diversion when things seem grim. He is often described as witty, genuine, unflappable, and charming by others.

Vices & Personality flaws

A perfectionist at heart, Feumont is frequently galled by perceived shortcomings in his work, as he feels these reflect poorly on his acts as a whole. Feumont deals poorly with being alone for long periods of time, and he sometimes can be found speaking to his stage automatons as he works on them to stave off the immense sense of loneliness that threatens to crush his otherwise bright personality. His attempts to raise morale can sometimes come across as flippant in serious situations.   On the rare occasions in which inspiration fails him, Feumont is known to indulge in hallucinogens, a habit among Voxelian artists which may not be entirely legal in the different localities in which he performs. When under the influence, Feumont's exhibits pronounced solipsistic beliefs. Angela Foxglove cares for Feumont as a friend and, increasingly, as a potential romantic partner; this puts her in a difficult situation in terms of their relationship, as she has recently become aware that the Ghostleaf Foundation produces his preferred fixes, meaning that he has unwittingly made her a party to his excesses. This vice does not rise to the level of addiction, but Feumont is cognizant that mentions of drug use make Angela upset for some reason, so he has begun to distance himself from these activities in an effort to make amends.


Religious Views

While he grew up following the cults of Zevtwill and Veldrin Vance, as he spends more time in Petalcap Vale, Feumont is increasingly drawn to the Forgist faith. The beliefs of Forgism, specifically the notion that everything in the world is artificial and illusory, line up well with Feumont's own.


Feumont is charismatic, articulate, and possesses the stereotypical Voxelian flair for dramatic flourishes. He tends to make broad, sweeping gestures and employ 'open' body language to convince listeners that he has nothing to hide or be concerned with.


Feumont adopts the loud, clear voice of a professional showman. He performs vocal exercises and sings along with the radio each day as he prepares for work, considering his voice to be a crucial part of his act.


Feumont Atsuhi


Towards Angela Foxglove


Angela Foxglove


Towards Feumont Atsuhi



During the course of Feumont's extended tour in Petalcap Vale, he met members of the Foxglove family (including Angela) after a show and became fast friends with them. Thereafter, as Feumont gradually became a fixture of the local community, he and Angela began to regularly meet at a coffee shop near the Ghostleaf Foundation offices to converse about daily affairs.

Relationship Reasoning

While Angela has many potential suitors available to her, she appreciates Feumont's wit and colorful personality most of all, meaning that their relationship could easily move beyond friendship if he 'plays his cards right.' For his part, Feumont is glad for Angela's company, and would pursue a romantic connection, but Angela's guarded nature means that she hasn't sent him much in the way of signals.

Wealth & Financial state

The Feumont Atsuhi: Silkenvault's Greatest Illusionist show is an entertainment business venture that employs a small number of staff members full-time. Feumont has invested in his business by making or acquiring numerous props and stage automatons, as well as a second-hand @honey to ferry his assistants and equipment from venue to venue.
Chaotic Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
9973 27 Years old
Current Residence
Petalcap Vale
Black, short
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light with tan
175 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Feumont is fluent in both Voxelian and Valespeak. If presented with the option of an extended stay at a venue, he endeavors to learn some of the local language to better connect with his audience - though, as he puts it, "wonderment is its own language."

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