Praeses of Magic

The Praeses of Magic is the head of the Collegium of the Arcane and the most senior magic user in the Kingdom of Juventius after the Manirex's personal mage.   Since the foundation of the Collegium in 217 YSB, the Praeses has been the most senior member of the staff, responsible for directing every aspect of the organisation's greater plans. Bellius Lucretius appointed the first Praeses, Cavone Tro.


The Praeses of Magic is appointed by the Manirex of Juventius, generally from among the five lesser Praeses of the Collegium - though at times individuals have been selected from outside of the five. Appointment is conferred after a significant investigation of the personal history of the candidate, and granted during a ceremony at the Royal Palace of Juventius. The role is usually granted to politically influential mages of high standing, as a method to assure their support of the crown.


The responsibilities of the Praeses of Magic are broad. They design the long term plans of the Collegium, approve department funding, provide representation to the Manirex for both the Collegium and magic as a whole in the kingdom, give the final word on curriculum and admittance, and approve the use of Collegium battlemage's by the Juventian government. The word of the Praeses is only overriden by the Manirex themself, and within the walls of the Collegium they are the final word on matters. They are advised by a council of the five most senior teachers of the Collegium (the Praeses of Grounds, the Praeses of Pupils, the Praeses of the Library, the Praeses of Research and the Praeses of War).  
praeses of magic structure


The Praeses receives a large stipend, though many holders are independently wealthy, and a villa on the grounds of the Collegium. They are further granted a seat among the advisors of the Manirex. Their wield significant political power, given the importance of the Collegium to Juventian politics. The support of a Praeses can make or break a Manirex' reign.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The regalia of the Praeses of Magic is the Staff of Juventius. Crafted for the third Praeses, the staff features one of the largest natural Vis crystals discovered to date, embedded in the head of a staff made of smooth, grey volcanic stone. The Praeses generally carries this staff at all times, as it is both a symbol of stature and the crystal inside it is a useful store for magic.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Dismissal of the Praeses of Magic is rare, but essentially at the whim of the monarch. Due to the great political power most Praeses hold on their own merits, even before appointment, to dismiss one is not a decision taken lightly. Just two holders have been dismissed. Both were dismissed for corruption and embezzlement of Collegium funds.
Academic, Professional
Charter of the Collegium, 217 YSB
Length of Term
For life
Reports directly to
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