Juventius City

The Lake City

Juventius City, namesake of the kingdom of Juventius, is a thriving metropolis. It straddles the four rivers, surrounded by high walls and its center filled with the Lake Sebolium. Warehouses, docks and marketplaces surround the lake on every side, spreading out into shops, workplaces, pub houses and homes.

The Old Walls surround this bustling center, and beyond that is found the Collegium of the Arcane and the homes of the wealthy, along with the slave markets, the silversmiths and jewellers and businesses of high repute. Once the royal family occupied the Royal Fortress, but when the New Walls were built, so was the new Royal Palace of Juventius. A sparkling complex of government buildings and sumptuous residences, set amongst the homes of the wealthy.

At the edges, the New Walls were built two hundred years previously, surrounding the growing city. Since it has grown even further, and now ramshackle homes and businesses of ill repute huddle against the outer walls .

What was once jungle has been cleared for hundreds of miles of farms that spread out beyond the city walls, feeding its hungry citizens. Dotted with small forests, villages, towns and lords fortresses.

The city stretches two hundred kilometres in width, making it one of the largest metropolises in the world - rival to the Sura Empire's capital Ryseum. The four rivers are the primarily form of transport within the city. Outside ships often enter the city, but a complex network of cargo and passenger barges also operate across the rivers and lake.


Juventius City is directly managed by the Manirex of Juventius and his court; the Praetor of Keys is the royal minister responsible for the day to day management of Juventius City.


Juventius City is protected by the New Walls, which surround the great outer city, and within them the Old Walls encircle the Inner City. In the center of the city is perched the Royal Fortress, an imposing stone edifice that acts as defender of the city from its position upon an island in the lake the rivers form. From its bulk, the military of Juventius is commanded. Four great bridges span the lake from each segment of the city to reach the fortress island.


Juventius is one of the world's centers of trade and through its rivers flow enormous amounts of wealth. Operating as both a manufacturing center in its own right, producing pottery, silver and gold goods and weapons, and an import and export center. Juventius' great success relies most of all on the taxation it applies to the ships who make the journey across the continent, allowing them to skip the lengthy and dangerous trip around Pascent's coast.


No permanent bridges cross the cities rivers due to the constant traffic that would make them impractical. The only bridges are temporary magical ones for the train networks that ring the city, providing the major method of passenger transportation. These train networks exit the city as if spokes on a wheel, speeding passengers to every corner of the Kingdom.

Once could enter Juventius from four directions. The west gate was Tertius’ chosen, with their carriage following the banks of the river Aponius. Colourful ships filled the waters that flowed softly towards the center of the city, but the eye was naturally drawn to the mansions that lined the edges of the river. Facades soaring up several stories, covered in carved decoration, pillars or statues in little shrines, and boasting balconies with wrought iron overhanging the water, on which brightly adorned ladies sipped iced drinks.

In the distance the walls of the inner city rose, and behind the even greater walls that defended against all manner of enemy. Iowhe imagined he could even spy the towers of the Collegium over the roofs of the villas.
Large city
Herius Rennius
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