Collegium of the Arcane

The Collegium

  Build on an expansive estate on what was once the edges of Juventius City, the Collegium of the Arcane occupies a complex of buildings spread over five hundred acres of parkland. Once, it sat just outside the walls of the city, but the city has long since expanded far beyond those limits. Today the Collegium is a green oasis in a metropolis, surrounded by homes and shops and then the new outer walls built two hundred years ago.   The Collegium holds a vast archive and library, magical research facilities and programs, a formal school and dorms for new mages, residences of some senior mages, and further trains the battlemages of the army. A magical menagerie and gardens of magically useful plants are also maintained.  

Life for students

Students at the Collegium begin at age 12. Magic is usually identified by lineage - the Collegium holds extensive records of magical families, and checks any descendants for potential magic around the age of 10. Some rare cases of non-magical lineages suddenly expressing magic exist, which are usually discovered when when the magic begins to express itself dangerously and the family seeks help.   Students from across the kingdom, and sometimes beyond, live at the Collegium during most of the year, returning for breaks to their families if they so desire. In the first year they are taught the control of magical energy, the use of basic spells, minor alchemy and the identification of magical artifacts and creatures. Year two deepens these topics, and in year three mages are identified for their prowess in various subjects, and further deepen study in the select speciality - which is chosen by the student upon their teachers advice - while still covering general subjects.


The Collegium is headed by the Praeses of Magic. He is advised by a council of five senior teachers of magic from the collegium (the Praeses of Grounds, the Praeses of Pupils, the Praeses of the Library, the Praeses of Research and the Praeses of War). Besides the personal mage of the Manirex of Juventius, the Praeses of Magic is the most senior magic user in the kingdom.


The Collegium was ordered to be founded by Bellius Lucretius in 217, with no cost to be spared, and every piece of it designed in sumptuous detail in whichever architectural style was favoured at the time of construction of that particular building. The goal being to establish a world renowned institute with which to attract mages, and therefore buy the kingdom an advantage as a center of magic in Pascent.

Two towers were the welcome once a visitor passed the great gate to the Collegium. Each equally tall, tapering to a round and pointed roof like the crooked hat of a witch; little, oddly shaped windows breaking up the smooth grey stone of their facade. Between them the eye could glimpse the angular fortress of the Chancellor, its walls soaring high, with great ballistas perched on the walls.
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