Manirex is the title of the ruling monarchs of Juventius, Pagius, Naeus and Caepio. The title was established in 2546 YSB (22 YP) for Damasus Elatus as the first Manirex of Juventius, crowned by popular proclamation.


The Manirex of Juventius is a hereditary title, passed down to the first born son of the previous Manirex, except where no son exists - in such a case the title goes to the eldest daughter. If there is no daughter, it goes to the eldest son of the Manirex's siblings, or cousins after that in order of inheritance. The Manirex's of Caepio and Naeus follow a similar process.   The Manirex of Pagius is elected for life by the Council Imperius.


The title of Manirex is a bastardisation of Manirexiuan, heir to the throne of the Sura Empire. It was created by an assembly of landholders of Juventius in 2546 YSB (22 YP) to honour Damasus Elatus (Damasus the Great). The electing council modified the title of the Suran heir for their own use, seeking to identify Damasus as heir of Sura. In subsequent centuries, as the prestige of Juventius rose, the neighbouring kingdoms of Pascent adopted the title for their own rulers.

Nobility, Hereditary
Equates to
King / Despot
Length of Term
For life
Current Holders
Related Organizations


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