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Yaliru's Throat

Where the Orth don't tread.

Until our arrival at Iyorii I never expected that Tasiir would take any joy in teasing me. However, he seemed delighted when I saw a tree that towered above all the rest and yet it was so far away. This place, he told me, is called Yaliru's Throat for it is from there which the wild wind comes.   I asked if we could go see the tree from up close and his friends from Iyorii laughed. They told me that we could go if we wanted to get eaten by the guardians. Tasiir laughed at this, it seemed as if he had brought me this far just to tease me with this tree.   But then after his friends left he turned to me and said "We can go. But first, you need to improve your horse skills." Sometimes I think he has no fear but I don't think that is the case, he just sees things differently.
— Takalia, A Life of Wind and Song

From Which the Wild Wind Blows

It is from the Throat that the wild wind breathes onto the Orthlands. This wind is rarely felt during the winter months when Haira brings her cold to the land but comes out during the spring when the winter and summer winds mix.   The closest inhabited lands are those of the People of the Dog and their nomadic settlement of Iyorii. They are the ones who tell the most stories and cautionary tales of the land of Yaliru - and the ones with the most recipies including spanning mushrooms.

A Place of Mystery

Despite the many stories of the Throat, it's fantastical inhabitants, and wild events, that permeate the Orthlands, it maintains an air of mystery. Stories of the guardians are enough to keep most away from the Throat but a few - including Takalia, Tasiir, and Ahriin - have ventured into it.
"Yaliru called me to her in my dreams and I followed her voice all the way to the place where the land meets sky."
— Ahriin of the People of the Dog

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To Another Realm

Stormhounds guard the Throat from intruders. If the old tales are true, an elder wind placed them there to protect the lost and lonely Yaliru. Most people avoid the Throat because of these guardians but others say that they are there to protect people from something worse within the Throat.   There is one tale of someone returning home from a journey into the Throat only to realize that decades had passed in the blink of an eye. This is a common story among people who have encountered the fae. The Orth say that you should never step into a ring of mushrooms for they bridge the mundane world and the realm of the fae. In the Throat these spanning mushrooms often grow along the drip lines of lonely trees.
Iia brings us warmth,
and sometimes scalding heat.
Haira brings the snow,
and threatens our lives.
But the young wind,
you don't know what she'll do.
Yaliru can't make up her mind,
but always gives it her all.
— Orth Song


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