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Spanning Mushroom

Spans the distance between two realms.

"This mushroom has a strange name. I would have called it crossover or pass-through, something more intuitive you know? The idea is that when you find a ring of these mushrooms entering the ring brings you to the realm of the fae. In that way each mushroom spans the distance between our realm and theirs. Is it true? Do the rings actually bring you into the faeland? I think that they do. How do I know? Well..."
— Tasiir of the People of the Horse

One is No Problem

A single or even a couple of spanning mushrooms are just that, some mushrooms with large flat heads. They are safe to eat and were commonly used by the People of the Dog as an ingredient in soup. Spanning mushrooms used to be common but disappeared mysteriously for several generations and have just begun to reappear over the last few years. They are commonly found near the entrance to Yaliru's Throat.

A Ring of Mushrooms

Inside the Yaliru's Throat these mushrooms commonly appear in rings, either out in the open or around the base of a tree. The Orth believe that if you enter one of these rings, you will be trapped by a fae in their world. There are other things inside the Throat that could injure or kill people and prevent them from leaving, perhaps being the source for this belief.
"The people of the plains have long believed that if you enter a circle of mushrooms you will be stolen by the fae. This is not the truth. I have spent some time in these rings. It is an interesting experience to overcome something you have believed your whole life. Well it would be, so between you and me, the fae do seek out those who enter the circles."
— Tasiir of the People of the Horse

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