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People of the Dog

The most distant of the Orth.

On our way to see the massive tree on the edge of Breharan, we stayed in one of the nomadic villages of the Orth, a place called Iyorii. There are around a hundred people but there are more dogs than that. They are very playful but also understand when it is time to work and become very serious at after a single command.
— Takalia, A Life of Wind and Song

The Families of the Far Reaches

The People of the Dog - and their nomadic settlement Iyorii - are at the furthest end of the Orthlands far from the Graran border and close to Yaliru's Throat.   With their territory so far from borders they see very few foreigners and have only small amounts of contact with the other tribes of the Orth. This means they have few goods that are not available to them in their environment. Flour is reserved for special occasions and that means that it isn't often that the elders have a chance to share their bread-making skills with the younger generations.   With the abundance of meat in their diet but difficulty acquiring salt, the white stone is a particularly valued commodity in Iyorii.

Faithful Companions

The People of the Dog do not get their name from nowhere, more dogs are members of the tribe than people. Supporting such a large number of dogs is a demanding task but not an impossible one. With the aid of the dogs, the hunters are able to catch many rabbits on the plains and deer in the woods while others use the dogs to pull sleds of saucerfish.

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Dog Food

Saucerfish is the most common food fed to the dogs. It is most abundant during the winters when the fish are harvested from their piles under the snow - such piles are most common in Haira's Land which is part of the territory of the People of the Dog.   All Orth communities use every part of each animal they hunt, not only is it essential to their survival, it is a cornerstone of their culture - nothing is ever wasted. The People of the Dog have something unique said about them "They only eat the best cuts of meat." This is because anything they don't want can be thrown to the dogs - it isn't wasted.   This leads to their cuisine not emphasizing many organ meats like the other Orth groups do.
"Woof. Woof."

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