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Moving home of the People of the Dog.

"It is so strange to see people using dogs for what I would use a horse for. A horse can carry saddlebags or pull a wagon but I see several dogs strung together pulling a three-wheeled cart with goods or even a person. Iyorii is truly a different place. There are many horses in my community but the number can't compare to the number of dogs here."
— Tasiir of the People of the Horse

On the Move

The Orth are a nomadic people and move their homes all the time - Iyorii means 'home where you are'. The People of the Dog pack up their tents and belongings frequently and move to new locations. In this respect Iyorii is not different than any other Orth village except it is the furthest from the Graran border and in the snowiest part of the Orthlands. As a consequence there are few imported goods in Iyorii and they are the closest to Yaliru's Throat, a place where few Orth are foolish enough to venture.

Home of Hounds

The inhabitants of Iyorii - the People of the Dog - have their name for a reason; there are more dogs than people. Dogs are used to herd goats, move goods, pull sleds in the winter, and pull carts during the other times of year.

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