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The nation of counties.

Traveling back through my homeland has been an experience much like the stories I was told as a child. Home is the same, wagons, wheat fields, and gentle winds. I am different, no longer a child but a man. I see things that would go over the head of a child and understand the dangers that I may encounter on the road. However, upon seeing those golden fields I did feel like a child once more.
— Takalia, Travels in Grara

Of Wheels and Wagons

The diverse towns, villages, and regions of Grara all have something different to offer and there is one effective way to move these goods between them - wagons. These wagons and the traveling merchants that drive them are crucial to maintaining the Graran economy.   More than maintaining the economy, these merchants help maintain the lifestyles of the people by providing them with luxury goods and exotic foods. They are also the primary method by which information is disseminated in Grara.

The Wheat in the Wind

Grara is the breadbasket of Breharan and produces more food per person than any other nation. Chief among these is the production of wheat which grows better in parts of Grara than anywhere else on the island.   The golden fields of wheat feature strongly in the written and visual art of Grara. Stories often begin at a safe place represented by the fields and farms and end at the same place but the characters changed forever. Painters create landscapes with beautiful golden fields and white or gold-tinged clouds. Sculptors adorn their work with etchings or paintings of wheat stalks.

The Enemy at the Pass

While there have been no conflicts since the death of the last emperor of Bral relations between the nations have been incredibly tense. No travelers are allowed through Tokai Pass and any messages exchanged between the two nations are made through drops in the pass.   Despite rumors that Emperor Arslan Dodai would be a warlike leader like his father, he has worked to improve relations with Grara. Some people in Grara believe this attitude is just a deception before a new war.

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The Charter

The Charter of Lands and Trade is the document which established the nation of Grara, though it was much smaller when the document was first signed than it is now. Each county that is part of Grara was once an independent region which chose to sign on, though the economic forces acting against individualism became stronger as more signed the document.   This agreement established common trade regulations within the nation and served to establish borders and peace among the formerly adversarial regions.


Grara is a big place and is filled with many counties with unique languages, histories, tradtions, and superstitions. In Wysix the people give offerings to a lone tree atop a hill to protect their towns from destruction. In Irusii there is a story about the discovery of the Frozen Cave that involves a fae.

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