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Titan's Heart

Resupply outpost built over a giant corpse.

"And then they found it, the Titan, and did what every reasonable person would do, they gave it a taste."

The Frozen Waystation

Titan's Heart was established for the same reason as Line's Edge - resupplying skyships - but not as close to the line. Due to the climate, Titan's Heart never developed into the same thriving community as Line's Edge. The cold weather not only keeps many people from wanting to move there but sends many of those that move there packing.   Despite being frozen most of the year, there is a brief summer which allows small plants to quickly grow before the next snowfall. This short warm period thaws only the top few inches of soil preventing any deep-rooting plants from establishing themselves. The summer landscape is comprised of short grasses, small flowers, and hardy short bushes. In the winter, the snow covers the landscape and is so bright under the light as to be blinding.

Where the Ice Freezes Red

One summer when the snow melted away, two colonists - one of them Orobon Fizski - discovered a depression in the ground where there was a big body of water frozen over. There were many such places on the skyisland but no others were tinted red. The pair chisled and melted a sample of the ice and discovered that it was blood in the ice.   They began a hobby project to find whatever dead creature was frozen in the ice. The pair dug deeper and deeper into the ice and frozen earth. Eventually their picks hit something different and it was then that they found it, the being they dubbed the Titan, dead and frozen under the ice and dirt.

The Flesh of the Titan

To supplement the limited food supply available to the colonists, they brought back some of the flesh of the Titan. It proved safe to eat - Fizski was the first to try it - and those that ate it claimed to feel stronger. It quickly became a staple part of the colonist's diet because it was a very reliable source of food even if it took significant effort to remove from the ground.   The Titan meat has been a crucial part of the colony's survival supplementing the preserves sent by Grara allowing their food supplies to last longer. Recently they have discovered different cuts of meat from the huge being frozen below creating a demand for different grades of the flesh.

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A Graran Territory

Titan's Heart - the tenth colony of Breharan - was founded by Grara in 44EX to assist their explorers as they traveled coldward and beyond the limit of navigation.   The continued existence of the colony is being debated as the cost of maintaining it is high and the rewards from coldward expeditions low. While going home to Grara would be a favorable outcome for some of the colonists who dislike the cold, many now have grown to like their new home and the mass of flesh below.
A Worrying Report
We informed the colonists that the colony may be disbanded. It did not go well. Among the normal complaints expected when changes are suggested, there were calls that we were trying to take the Titan from them.   I think they may fight back if we pursue this course of action. Enough soldiers will solve the problem but the meat seems to make them aggressive.
Report to the Graran Council


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