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Those who boldly go.

Explorer is an unusual title. It is different in different languages and isn't appointed or earned. Anyone who chooses to be can call themselves an explorer and some become explorers at the description of others. Not once in any journal or on any known record did Darosi ever call himself an explorer and yet he is the most well known one to have ever lived.
— Kayid Zidi, Darapur, A Newcomer's Guide

New Title, Old Idea

Most words for explorer have come to be only in the (Time of Exploration) but the actions of explorers have been taken simce time immemorial. The willingness to find new things can be traced back to the lifestyles of the (Skyfarers) but scholars think it is unlikely that they had a word for explorer in (Skytongue) because it would have had no distinction from their way of life.   Even during the (Time of Rebuilding) it was very rare to refer to someone as an explorer. The paradigm of the time was that they were inspired people who would find new ways to recover from the (Time of Darkness). Now in the (Time of Exploration) new things are revered for the sake of being new and the people who find them are like heroes - some are like the characters of legend.

Explorers in Society

There are no title benefits to being an explorer - the title has no power and there is no group that encompasses all explorers to provide resources. However, a seasoned explorer can use their knowledge and experience to great advantage in the right situations. A good story can buy a drink, a meal, or a bed. The demeanor of an explorer - if the literature is to be believed - can get a person a long way in some social circles.


"Children have everything to learn, everything is new to them, that is why they are called natural explorers."
The title of explorer is commonly applied to those who seek out new places but is not restricted to it. Anyone who seeks out anything new to them can be considered an explorer. A person who tries new food or makes new music is also an explorer.

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The Most Famous

Of all the explorers, one stand over the rest. One who others either try to emulate or distinguish themselves from.
Character | Jul 16, 2023


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