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The Light

The constant, sourceless, light from up above.

"I remember when my daughter first experienced a bad storm. When it ended she ran outside, she wasn't scared anymore. Then she turned to me and asked 'Daddy, where does the light come from?'   I was stunned I don't think I ever asked my parents that question, I just took its presence for granted."


The skies are lit by the light that comes straight down from above. When there are no clouds blocking the view, it is clear that the light is as wide as the sky and brightens everything as far as the eye can see.   The light interacts with clouds in a variety of ways and can cause some spectacular views. Huge rays of light can come straight out of gaps or even fan out of a gap. Sometimes it is as if it bends around the edges of clouds and lights up the edges, highlighting the cloud in a golden line.   There is no single source for the light - not like that of a fire - but comes from everywhere up above. Scholars who are studying this have no answers for it. It is just a natural part of the skies.

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Light and Dark

Once the light reaches the Floor, much does not make it through into the Void below. It is said that the Floor itself is the result of the battle between the light and the dark.   Now that people have been to the Void - with the aid of skyships - people have begun to believe that the light is stronger than the dark. When the storms of the Floor part and the two opposing forces meet directly, it is the light that pierces through the darkness, not the darkness that consumes the light.


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