Orobon Fizski

Loudmouth meatminer.

"Come here and let me tell you about how the Titan was discovered. You see, my brother and I were out on the land hunting one day when we found a lake froze red. We had to know what was down there and there wasn't much to do here back then, still isn't I suppose."

A Farmboy Like Any Other

Born in Grara, Orobon - or Fizski as he prefers to be called - was among many people who lived a life on a farm. When he was twelve, he and his older brother were tasked with removing a stump from the field. After working really hard for a long time and making no progress, they got their hands on some blackpowder - no one knows how - and blew the stump right out of the ground. However, Fizski - who lit the powder trail - was too close to the explosion and was thrown back.   At first it seemed like everything would be fine, a few bruises but nothing that wouldn't heal. He was talking a bit loud but they chalked it up to how loud the bang was. As time passed, Fizski never stopped talking loud and it became clear that he was now hard of hearing.

The Meatminer

At the age of eighteen, Fizski left the farm and joined the settlers bound for Titan's Heart in the hopes that he would make good money to send back to his family. Now in a new place with new people, he was no longer the boy who was hurt in a reckless accident but the man who screams and quickly became one of the well-known personalities in the little outpost.   When the snow melted the next summer - summer is a strong word for that season on Titan's Heart - Fizski and another colonist discovered a lake tinted red. To find the source of this blood, they began to excavate the area in their free time. First through the ice, then through the frozen earth. They even had to create a shack out of some scrap wood to prevent the snow from filling in their tunnel.   Eventually, the reached something they simply could not manage to dig through with their tools. Fizski smiled at this and explained his plan. After stealing some blackpowder from the stockpile intended for skyship heading out beyond the line, they prepared the site. With a proper fuse this time, and from a safe distance away on the surface of the skyisland, they set off their explosives. The force of the explosion shot right up their tunnel and sent their ramshackle shed flying in the sky - when it came down, it almost killed them.   Now, finally past the unbreakable barrier, they found what they were looking for - smelled it first thanks to the explosion - the source of the blood in the lake, the Titan as it came to be known. A inexplicable mass of flesh frozen deep in the ground of the island. So they ate it. Between this meat and the low-grade preserves that the town was stocked with, there could be no compare.
"And that is how I became Meatminer Fizski."


Fizski is known to wear clothes until they become unusable - though on Titan's Heart, most people have no choice in the matter - and wears warm fur clothing made from the fruits of the hunt. Warm clothes are a must on the cold colony and furs are the best option they have.   He has pale-colored eyes and sports an unruly beard he claims protects his face from the cold. He is without a doubt the strongest person in the settlement and has continued to be even now at fourty years old. Eating the Titan's flesh may have something to do with his continued strength but that has not been conclusively proven.

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A Love of Comedy

As a child, Fizski would play pranks of his seven siblings and while he has outgrown such crude humor, he has never left his love of humor behind. He always enjoys a good story and has many of his own, several of which hinge on his hearing disability being the joke.   On Titan's Heart, things are rough for the settlers. The food is bad, the weather is terrible, and most people don't stay long enough to really get to know them. These will never be good things but at least they can be twisted into some funny things. Fizski started holding his own comedy shows in one of the communal buildings and can always get good use of stories already told after enough of the population has left and new people have come.

The Separatist

While Fizski loves humor, he takes the work he and others have put into building Titan's Heart very seriously and will not stand for some people back in Grara to make the decision to shut down his new home. As one of the most well-known people in the community, he has become the voice of resistance against decisions sent from far away - much like Larris Narrum of Wrendat.   When those he opposes slander him, they say he is addicted to the Titan's Flesh and with how much of it he eats, he can't really argue with them.

Character Portrait image: Orobon Fizski by Paul Norris with PortraitWorks


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