Line's Edge

Last stop before the unknown.

Jobs on the Line
Outpost 7, better known as Line's Edge is seeking brave souls who want to make a difference out on the frontier!
We need shipwrights, carpenters, chefs, smiths, lumberjacks, architects, engineers, logisticians, support staff, and more!
If you think an exciting life on the edge might be for you, send a letter to the Edge office, postage will be paid by us.
Signing bonus (amount varies by profession)!
— Advertisement from Summer of 22EX

Living on the Line

Unlike the other outposts which were established by nations to acquire resources, the Edge was built to be a final supply and rest point for the ships and crews that were heading beyond the limit of navigation toward the Verdant Archipelago that Darosi wrote about during the voyages of the Harani.   People from every nation on Breharan and even some lizardfolk can be found at the Edge. All of these people brings bits of their homes with them, goods, ideas, songs, foods, languages, and everything else. It is a colorful location - literally and figuratively.

Neutral Ground

The Edge is run by its own local government and its independence is guaranteed by the Machine Priests who have a facility on the island from which they can defend the town and repair any damage to floatdrives.

Business at the Edge

The cost of many goods is quite high at the Edge because most things have to be imported. Merchants of certain types of goods choose to do business here and take advantage of the complete absence of fees to import goods. As a result many people with wealth - and the wealth itself - moves through the town.   As in any good town, the Edge has its own brewery and distillery to create alcohol out of the local flora which is useful for washing down fresh skyfish caught from around the island.

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A Place of Many Names

Skyships owned by many nations, organizations, and wealthy individuals pass through Line's Edge. Among these people are many different languages and many ways of thinking which leads to many different unofficial names for Line's Edge including Farport, Gateway, Last Stop, and Navsend - Nav's End short for Navigation's End.   Even Line's End isn't the name on old maps and documents of the place, it was Outpost 7 but only a few people still call it that.
"I had expected to find a ramshackle town at the end of the line. The stories were just too ridiculous to be true, right? There couldn't be a town on the edge of nowhere with all the ammenities we enjoy back home.   The only thing I didn't find was an opera hall but they did have a theatre where they put on a variety of other shows."

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