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The Frozen Cave of Irusii

Hidden world of ice.

Of all the magnificient structures of the cities and panoramic views from the mountians, nothing compares to this next marvel. A place that is cold when it is hot and also one that has saved lives. The Frozen Cave under Irusii.
— Takalia, Travels in Grara

One of a Kind Marvel

Below the large city of Irusii is a large cavern that is largely filled with ice. People travel from all over Grara to see it while the locals enter the cave to escape the summer heat.   While the center of the cavern contains a large flat area the sides are filled with spires of varying size that are formed by droplets of water falling from the ceiling and freezing where they land. In the sections of the cave that have low ceilings there are pillars of ice that stretch all the way from the ground to the top.

The Formation of Ice

It is speculated that the water that drips from the ceiling of the cave seeps through the ground above. Irusii is located primarily in a small depression in the ground while the nearby farms are located on the higher ground. Irusii is not prone to flooding and the presence of the cavern is often cited as the reason for this.

The Cave as Infrastructure

Given the cold temperatures of the location people quickly sought to use it to store perishable goods. This began to take up more of the area of the cave as the village above grew into a town and then into a city. One particularily bad winter that followed a poor harvest was weathered by the resources the inhabitants had stockpiled before the seasons changed.   The large smooth section - the underground ice lake as it is commonly called - is protected by laws from being used as storage as it is reserved for recreation. This cave is the primary destination of many tourists who come to Irusii and the people in charge do not want to jeaprodize that industry. A popular item to eat outside of the cave in the summer is the snowbowl.

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Tale of Two Sisters

There is a story told among the locals of the first people to discover the cave. It is frowned upon by the people who operate the site to tell the tale to outsiders because a story of dangers would reduce the amount of tourism to the cave.
Sisters of Ice
Myth | Jun 14, 2023

Discovery and tragedy under Irusii.

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