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Frozen treat of Irusii.

After a long time on the road in summer a snowbowl is the perfect treat and I had just arrived in the only city where you can get one. Fortunately for me, blueberries were in season so I got one that also had fresh blueberries.
— Takalia, Travels in Grara


The first snowbowl was created by a local pastry chef in Irusii in the summer of 21EX. It is a simple creation made by pouring sugar water over freshly shaven ice. It works best if chilled sugar water is used. All of this is only possible because of the presence of the frozen cave which provides access to a cold place and ice even at the height of summer.

Experimentation and Variation

After my first bowl, I just had to have another. This time an overwhelming savoury taste. Then I had a third and a fourth! By the time I was done I must have tried every one on the menu! I am only disappointed that I couldn't have the bowl with fruit preserves because they had run out.
-Takalia, Travels in Grara
The dish quickly caught on and different people started changing it to fit their tastes and the changing seasons. Now, depending on the time of year, it is possible to get a snowbowl with various jams, fresh berries, fruit preserves, and even honey or molasses. There are even variations of the dish with things like mint, spice, and salt.

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Serving Up A Celebration

Central Grara suffers from a hot midsummer caused by stagnant winds. To combat this the people gather to call forth the winds and the rain that they carry.
Galeforce Festival
Tradition / Ritual | Jun 14, 2023

A prayer for wind and rain.


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