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Simple but effective bearer of goods.

Wagons are ubiquitous in my homeland of Grara. It is impossible to travel between towns without seeing at least one and the traveling merchant at the reins. Seeing the merchants come through town is what first inspired me to travel for myself.
— Takalia, Travels in Grara

The Veins of the Economy

While skyship may move large amounts of goods between the Colonies and Breharan, wagons move the goods around on the islands and within nations. Without the humble wagon, foodstuffs would not get to where they are needed, forges would go cold, and constuction would cease.

From Wood to Wheels

The bed of the wagon is the simplest part to create as it is just some sawn planks put together. The wheels, axles, brakes, and undercarriage are much more difficult to put together. The skill of wheel- and wagon-building is practiced by wainwrights whose abilities are in high demand all across Breharan.   Wagons are designed with a variety of features to fufill different requirements. Sometimes, they have flat beds to carry cargo, others are designed to carry water, more still are for passengers. Special wagons are designed in ways that allow owners to swap out different types of wagon beds to save money on buying multiple undercarriages - the most expensive part of the wagon.

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A Life on the Road

Many people use wagons but the people most associated with them within Grara are the traveling merchants because they are seen moving to and from every city in the nation.   They are often considered to be loners who enjoy spending the seasons alone driving their wagons along the roads but among the merchants they know that each of them is as lonely as the next.


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