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Where the roots find history.

"First the Finney's build a home across the way and they're good people. Then the Erre family too and I like them. But now with all of these other families, how will we ever find a nice spot nearby for each of our children to build their own home?"

The Growing Growing Town

Harrowholm is a small farming town in the Wysix County of Grara. Comprised mainly of outlying farmsteads, the town center itself is quite small and utilitarian containing only thirteen buildings not all of which have permanent residents. Until recently, including all of the farms the town had a population of about ninety people. Now, the population stands at over one-hundred-fifty and growing.   Many different animals are raised by the fields including chickens, horses, goats, and, in recent years, oxen.   The staple crop of Harrowholm is wheat, most of which is bartered to traveling merchants in exchange for the goods they cannot get themselves like nails and other metal tools. The farmers grow a variety of other crops to fill their own stores which are rooms built underground to keep them cool during the summers. Recently, it was noticed - first by merchants, then by scholars - that the farms of Harrowholm produce larger harvests than they should based on their size. This has created a lot of interest in the region and caused an influx of population. This agricultural anomaly and influx of population has given it the nickname of the Growing Growing Town.

The Fall of Old Harrowholm

Beneath the fields and farmsteads there are hints of an age of a past time, one long forgotten. The original settlers thought little of the oddities they found while setting up their fields and disposed of them as they would have a stubborn tree stump. Rocks laid out in patterns and buried by dirt, thrown away with no regard for what they might have represented. Old clasps, wood fragments, and other small trinkets thrown into brushpiles to be burned.   Now with increased traffic to the town, scholars are coming through and looking for signs that Harrowholm might have been built on top of an old city site, the evidence is certainly pointing them in that direction. With no texts to reference for the old city, it is simply called Old Harrowholm.   There is not enough evidence to determine the cause of the abandonment or destruction of Old Harrowholm but it is clear that it existed before the Time of Darkness, making it one of the oldest known settlements on Breharan. Most believe the fall of Old Harrowholm was caused by the disastrous rains, darkness, and tragedies of the Time of Darkness.

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Suddenly, Oxen

Only in the last four to five years have oxen become part of the Graran farmer's life. Imported from Burim, these tough, bulky beasts are great for plowing fields or pulling pesky stumps.   In Burim, oxen are considered an animal of the low. In Grara however, they are a new and exciting tool that is making the lives of farmers much easier.   The artists of Grara have started painting the big creatures, writing about them in poems, and etching them into metalwear. Their horns have become popular decorations, especially the ones with pastoral scenes carved into them.
I have discovered an old metal buckle. It was just sitting there on a recently tilled field. I thought little of it initially but now believe it may be made of a metal alloy that we do not currently make.   Imagine how much history was forever lost when the farmers of generations past disturbed the site. What symbols did the ancient people of Wysix use that we may never be able to decipher now?
— Letter from a scholar

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