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Tasiir of the People of the Horse

Horseback wanderer.

"So you want to know more about me? An inquisitive one aren't you? All of the things here on the plains, the ice tower, the forgotten cairn, Yaliru's tree, the different peoples of the plains, windspeakers and their kites, and you ask about me?   We're going to get along just fine, scholar."
— Tasiir of the People of the Horse

The Call of the Wind

"It happens among the Orth that a person feels the call of the wind, the need to ride out onto the land and see everything there is to see. Most of the time this is a short trip, they reach the nearest camp or meet another traveler and then they return home. Not Tasiir, oh no not my brother. He is the only person I know of who the wind never stopped calling."
— Hassuran of the People of the Horse
Tasiir was born the first child of his parents, prominent leaders of their people. He was expected to take up the mantle of leadership but gave it away to his younger brother Hassuran so that he could live a life of adventure. He has spent most of his adult life traveling the Orthlands by horse.   He makes a living by hunting and picking edible plants but does well as a guide for people who wish to visit the Orthlands, mostly scholars. More commonly he escorts people from Beldan to visit their relatives in the different communities of the Orth so that they can be present for things like weddings and other ceremonies.


Tasiir is just over 1.7 meters tall and athletically built. He has long hair, characteristic of the Orth, though he often keeps it inside of an unusual hat. Unlike most men of the Orth he keeps his face clean shaven, he just can't seem to grow a nice beard like the rest. His silver-gray eyes are unique among the Orth and his brother notes that he was not born with eyes of that colour.

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Yaliru's Throat

Tasiir has traveled to Yaliru's Throat several times and even been chased by the regions guardians, the stormhounds. The stories of the place keep most people away, especially the Orth who grow up learning the tales.   Among those who know him, Tasiir's unusual eye colour is believed to be the result of an encounter with fae that he had when he first traveled to the Throat. He never talks about most of his experiences there, perhaps because he does not remember, or perhaps because he does not want others to travel there.

Character Portrait image: Tasiir by Paul Norris with PortraitWorks


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What a neat character! My favourite bit though was this little breadcrumb you added at the end:

he was not born with eyes of that colour

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Perhaps the fae were involved here...

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