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The wild wind.

Since the Harani took to the skies we have learned of many winds beyond the two that all of us on Breharan know. The Orth have always known of more - at least of one more - their wild wind, Yaliru.   It is this wind that slowly signals the end of their winter. Never bringing snow but blowing around what Haira left behind. Unlike the legend of Haira where her children steal the heat from people, Yaliru is not an antagonistic force. They say that she is the young wind and tries to bring warmth but isn't quite up to the task.
— Takalia, A Life of Wind and Song

The Little Wind that Could

The tales of the Orth tell of a little wind that was lost when she found the tip of a sky continent - Breharan - and took a rest. Woken from her slumber by the warm voice of an elder wind, she was given a name, a name she would have to live up to. Yaliru.   She watched the other winds and then tried over and over to do what they did but simply could not rustle all the branches on all the trees in the woods. The elder wind stopped by to see how Yaliru was doing and found her crying. Where her tears touched the soil grew a tiny seedling - no great wind started with a thunderstorm or a forest the elder wind said.   Yaliru looked at the little plant with two tiny leaves and blew. It swirled and danced in her breath. She knew then that eventually she would be big and strong like the others - in her own time.

Shifting Wind

Yaliru is an unusual wind in that she does not always move in one direction. All winds get caught on things and shift around but Yaliru more than most. While this manifests only in unusual winds in the Orthlands it is much stronger at its source and can make trees bend and wind in ways that they normally wouldn't - or couldn't - the largest of which is Yaliru's Tree.
"In our language Haira doesn't blow, she dances."
— Tasiir of the People of the Horse

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The Origin of Breath

At the very boundary of the Orthlands there is the place from which Yaliru comes; it is the Throat.   The Orth stay away from Yaliru's Throat because the young wind was granted protectors by her father. These stormhounds are fast and fearsome and come out only during storms when their prey can see only their glowing white eyes. The only thing that can scare them off is a lost relic from the Time of Darkness, Reanar's Horn.   There is more to the region than wind and danger, it is home to many fae and unique species such as the spanning mushroom.
Each of the traditional Orth dances is associated with one of the winds. Yaliru's dance involves a lot of spinning, swirling one way and the next, as an individual and as a group. It was mesmerizing to watch.   I joined them for a time but I may have had too much of the saucerfish and didn't want to see it again.
— Takalia, A Life of Wind and Song


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