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Reanar's Horn

Lost instrument of cultural significance.

"Don't tell most people around here that you want to write down our history. It is your way and I will bear you no ill will but my people have held our history in our minds for all time. We teach it to our children through song, speech, and art. They learn about how we live, what we believe, and about those of us that came before. We don't have much focus on any specific item but if you want to write one story down, I can tell you the story of Reanar and her horn."
— Tasiir of the People of the Horse

From Up Above

The horn appeared during a time of hardship for all the peoples of Breharan, a time when the Floor had risen up close to the island and it was constantly battered by storms, darkness, and even strange creatures. During a bad storm a group of Orth were riding toward their village when they began to be pursued by strange creatures. They urged their horses onward but the creatures had surrounded them without their notice. Surrounded and fearful on the top of a hill, a small but bright light fell through the clouds. Reanar picked up the light and it became a horn. When she blew the horn the creatures and even the dark clouds were driven away.   The horn was in the possession of the People of the Horse for many centuries after that but became lost when a pack horse lost its footing during a treacherous river crossing. The river has been searched many times but the horn has never been found. It is believed to have flowed all the way off of Breharan and fallen into the open sky.

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Orth Under the Dark

The Orthlands are a difficult place to make a living and during the Time of Darkness it was even more so. Having had little reliance on farming was a boon to the people of the plains as the constant storms didn't impact their food supply as much as it did on the rest of Breharan.   It was the constant rain and fog that began to take its toll. When combined with the cold climate of the region, the dampness increased rates of sickness and caused more deaths due to exposure.   The rains eventually stunted the growth of the grasses and the Orth had no choice but to reduce the size of their herds because they could no longer feed such large groups of animals.   If the horn had not appeared when it did, the Orth might not have survived ther Time of Darkness.

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