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Yaliru's Tree

Tree of swirling winds.

"Have I seen the tree? Are you seriously asking that? It stands so far above the rest that it is larger than life. Not only could you climb it, you could ride a horse on the branches like they were well-worn paths. But no one has ever seen it up close. No one has ventured that far into the Throat and returned.   Even from here though you can see the branches turned every which way, guided by the wild wind that swirls around it. There is nothing else like it."
— Tasiir of the People of the Horse

A Distant Giant

Yaliru's Tree is visible from some part of the Orthlands but upon entering Yaliru's Throat, the forest blocks the view of it unless there is an opening. This tree is larger than the rest and not just twice as big or even three times as big but over ten times the height of a normal tree in the area.   It is wild with branches turning around in strange ways and one noticable one shaped like a spiral. Each of these is said to have been shaped by Yaliru as her mood - and her wind - changed over the years. Another change that can be seen is the appearance of leaves in spring, their turning and fall in autumn, and the empty branches covered in snow during the winter.

The Red Wind

During the autumn when the tree sheds its leaves, the wind carries them, sometimes quite far and into the Orthlands. The People of the Dog who commonly reside in the area where this happens have named it haya - red wind.

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