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The winter wind.

Haira is the name the Orth have given to the winter wind. In Grara the winters were colder than those I experienced in Zinato but they were nothing compared to the one winter I spent with the People of the Horse.   This is a place where the wind chills you to the bone, the snow blows into your eyes, and it is all to easy to perish in the harsh conditions. The Orth - in their stoic way - say that the winter teaches them important lessons and that only a fool would ignore Haira's words.
— Takalia, A Life of Wind and Song

An Icy Knife

It is said by the Orth who personify the winds that Haira carries an icy knife. She teaches that one should never leave the village without proper preparations for the chill blade finds its way into the hearts of the unprepared.   No matter how many layers one wears or blankets one carries, Haira teaches a lesson even more important. The winter she brings is the season of community. It is a time to not only prepare but to listen and to help. If winter travel is required the most important thing Haira teaches the Orth to bring is a friend.   A friend can not only share the burdens but provide a second pair of hands, help in emergencies, and offer a different opinion or course of action when the obvious one is too dangerous.

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Haira in Grara

As is to be expected, most of Breharan does not call the winter wind by a single name. In Grara she is called by many different names and in one place even given no name at all for fear that speaking it will invoke her wrath. Being a nation of such diverse origins there are many myths about the winter wind in Grara.
"As someone who feels drawn to the wind and the land, I have conflicted feelings about Haira. She offers a life experience unlike any other. She also brings my travels to a crawl or to a halt."
— Tasiir of the People of the Horse

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