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The summer wind.

To the Orth, Iia is a motherly figure. A wind that brings warmth and represents compassion and love. It is reminiscent of Grara where summer is the season of love and is associated with passion and plenty.   In the land of wind she is also associated with anger. This is also similar to Grara where the summers can burn crops and incapacitate people. I must say a great wind capable of both immense love and burning anger reminds me of my mother.
— Takalia, A Life of Wind and Song

The Eldest Sister

Long ago Iia and her two sisters lived with their parents in a place far from Breharan. There from among all the winds in the sky Iia fell for the one her parents disapproved of. At first their disagreements were quiet but eventually they turned into gales. Her parents wouldn't change direction and neither would she. Eventually this culminated in Iia being banished from her home.   Iia still travels to Breharan to visit her younger sisters Haira and Yaliru whom she still cares for a great deal.

A Continent Divided

Iia reaches the Orthlands only after crossing the great mountains that separate them and Grara from Zinato and the other nations. This - and the presence of Yaliru - leaves the summers of the Orthlands cooler than the regions across the mountains and even Grara.   This division is partly responsible for the stereotype that it is always cold in the Orthlands and that the people there are really hardy.

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Choosing a Wind

The Windspeakers have a tradition where an apprentice flies their kite for the first time. Choosing the right time of the year is crucial in accomplishing this task.   During the summer when Iia is the dominant wind is the safest time. Haira's icy knife can easily freeze the skin and digits of the flier during winter. The spring and autumn when Yaliru is at her strongest is safer than winter but much more difficult as the wind shifts unpredictably.
"While my brother may prefer the seasons of Yaliru, I must say that Iia's summer is perfect for me. Trade with the people of Beldan is at its best and there are many weddings and other events of feasting!"
— Hassuran of the People of the Horse


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