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Koria.   A world with small and great states, populated with a lot of different species in an unstable peace treaty. The bloodshed stopped as the "Arcana Magica" was sucked into the bottomless abyss which later was called the Spiral. The entire kingdom was sucked into it, creating the entire structure of the Spiral with switchbacks, ruins, artifacts, spells and everything in between.   Out of the Spiral the first demons emerged, followed by an army. They caused massive destruction around the Spiral and spread across the lands. After two decades of war the demons were pushed back. Thousands of lives were lost in this war and more lost to keep the demons at bay so the states could build the Black Fortress around the Spiral.   Armed to the teeth with poisoned spears, catapults, slingshots and multi-shot ballistae on top and within the thick walls. A bridge spans over the Spiral, the Winged Cut, guarding from above, delivering death on a daily basis.   Outside the thick walls of the Black Fortress life goes on, every state is trying to rebuild or support the Black Fortress. Inside the Black Fortress the Mortal Gods are fighting and spilling blood for loot, glory and a death worthy of songs and tales.   And at this point you are probably confused. Where to start, what to know for the start and where to go from here? Well, don't fret, we have the Guiding Light for you! Read this and come back.  

Guiding Light of Koria
Generic article | May 22, 2024
    Eager to know more? Right this way, head onwards to The Spiral.  
Geographic Location | Aug 20, 2023
    But if you want to know more about Gods, Deities, Eternals and their resting place in the mortal realm, I would like to introduce you to the Caretaker. A human being (most likely), came to life to serve the non-mortal beings at their well deserved rest. Come and enjoy the many refreshments and services of the Caretaker's Inn  
Caretaker's Inn
Building / Landmark | Jun 12, 2023
  Part of Summer Camp 2023, aka Camp Chill again Enjoy our pledge for this years SC. :)  
Summercamp 2023 or Camp Chill or Ice, Ice, Baby!
Generic article | May 6, 2024