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Kingdom of Canada

The Kingdom of Canada was established in 1867 upon the consent of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. The status of Kingdom was originally meant to Bring Canada as a personal union with Great Britain, granting it the same status as Scotland and Ireland. However, many in the British parliament objected to this status. Queen Victoria's personal opinion was that Canada would be better placed under a British prince as king. As such, her second son, Alfred, was selected to be king of an independent Canada.


The North American colonies had increasingly been seen as troublesome for British governance since the American War for Independence. The proclamation of Oregon to be a seperate republic, claiming much of claimed but sparsely settled British Columbia and the Northwest Territories in the process, increased irritation among the British government.   In 1815, at the outbreak of the War of the North, the British government began to increase suppression of Canadian independent rule. The Governor General of Canada was established during the joining of the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada in 1841, following a brief series of Canadian revolts against the established governments.   Beginning in 1864, many Canadian officials began to petition the British government for home rule. The idea was to establish Canada as its own Dominion within the British Empire. However, the British Parliament felt the territory was more trouble than it was worth, and wished to invest in the more profitable territories in India. Queen Victoria offered to elevate Canada to the status of a Kingdom in 1867, and Prince Albert, Duke of Edinburgh, was selected as king.

Foreign Relations

Upon the establishment of the kingdom, King Edward I of America attempted to have King Alfred sign the Continental Ordinance. However, Alfred refused, believing it would alienate Canada from British assistance, and place Canada under the dominion of American foreign policy. Thus, he believed it was best for Canadian sovereignty to decline the Ordinance.   In 1869, Alfred signed a treaty with Oregon, ceding claims to British Columbia and the Yukon Territory, as he believed the area would be difficult to defend from the republic for little gain. Canada's access to the Pacific Ocean was thereby lost.   In 1893, The Kingdom of Canada was one of the largest protesters to the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Canada refused to recognise the newly established republic, though could not move to reinstate the monarchy for fears of rising tensions with America. When the monarchy was restored in 1909, Canada pressed to have Hawaii not be forced to sign the Continental Ordinance, keeping with the belief the document would put the islands under American control indirectly. As such, Hawaii refused to sign the document, and sought protection from the Empire of Japan.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh and King of Canada


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While I object to my province not being included in the Kingdom of Canada on principle, from an alternate history reasoning standpoint, I cannot fault your logic. Well considered, well done!

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