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The Count of Genlith is Adriel . He rules from The Low Keep, a secure castle in the heart of their lands on the main land trading routes. To the north of their territory, abandoned and ruined, stands The High Keep, which used to be the family home.


Genlith was first settled less than fifty years after the first landing of the Norlanders in this new land, and it was founded by hardy settlers who had departed from the new colonies to establish their own territory under their own authority.    The journey north was long and arduous and when the way northward became perilous through high mountains and impassable swamps it was decided that this would be far enough!   The people of Genlith settled in the harsh lands and expanded, building settlements where they could and learning to live in the inhospitable surroundings.   That innate strength and stubbornness was backed up by an aggressive drive to survive and to take what they could from what meagre resources they had.   Two centuries later they had expanded that philosophy into one of taking what they could from anyone who could not stop them.    Already by this time they had adopted the Winter Wolves of the mountains as their clan or house symbol and they lived up to the symbolism, becoming ravening wolf-packs themselves and preying on the border settlements of their southern neighbours.   For almost two and a half more centuries the Wolves of Genlith were feared and hated by more settled folk and indeed the rulers of House Greendale provided land for their more warlike vassals and granted House Tyaldi independence in order to act as a buffer between the rich heartlands of Greendale and the fierce raiders.

The raids came to a stop after the Council of Mount Kell in 501 wherein the Wolves of Genlith swore oaths to pillage the borders of their southern neighbours no more... and then they promptly declared war against the eastern land of Raendor which was not named in the council.   This war only ended with the rise of Trolls forcing a union of the lands of the Norlanders against this greater foe.

For all this time and many centuries to follow House Genlith was ruled by the dynasty of the original founders of the land from a citadel called The High Keep located to the north and east of the land.    That changed in 759 after the death of Count Craden a monstrous man who ruled House Genlith for 15 years and brought a dark name upon the land.   The The High Keep was abandoned and the family rule moved to the smaller western fortress of The Low Keep which had previously been considered an outpost to ward against attacks from House Orloi and House Tyaldi .     

The people of Genlith suffered as much as any under the second great war against the Trolls  - the Darkening Years and the Deeper Darkness, and many steadfast heroes rose from among these people of the northern land.    They were favoured by many of The Royal House of Kaevil for their service and fortitude.    This may have been one of the reasons why, when the Dawn Alliance raised their banners against the crown, House Genlith stood against them and with the Oathkeepers -- or it may simply have been their ancient contempt for the southern lands and their effete rulers.   In any case when The Sundering came to an end, House Genlith retreated to their own lands in impatient defeat and bearing new wounds to their pride as a reason to keep on despising the people of House Malmor and their lackies.


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