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The Sundering

The land of Kaevil has no king and no royal family anymore.   The last king of Kaevil, Edregard III died in the last battle of the civil war after swearing his final oath to protect his people forever. He was cut down by his enemies who then sacked the capital city Sildern and left it in ruins.   The civil war began due to the ambition of Ruthven of House Malmor, who desired to expand his territories and had been forbidden to do so by Edregard III.   Ruthven conspired with other houses and raised an army against the king. The battles raged for a decade but came to an end 120 years ago with the fall of Sildern.   Following the death of the king and the extermination of the The Royal House of Kaevil that followed, the land of Kaevil was divided but an uneasy peace began.   The houses that had opposed the king began to refer to themselves as the Dawn Alliance, since Malmor lands are in the east. The remaining houses call themselves Oathkeepers since they never betrayed their king.

The Conflict


Ruthven, Count of Malmor was ambitious and desired to expand his territories. He was forbidden to do so by Edregard III and this fuelled the conflict to follow.   According to some commentators Ruthven, Count of Malmor was the secret lover of Riala of Genlith who was married to Elderan, Prince of Kaevil and this was a primary driver of the hostility between the two houses.


The cities and lands of The Royal House of Kaevil were sacked by the conquering armies and their citizens dispersed. The remaining members of The Royal House of Kaevil were hunted down and slain.


Kaevil was left without a royal house, without a king, without one single leader and the seven remaining Houses governed themselves independently.

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The Sundering
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The Dawn Alliance defeated the Oath Keepers and the forces of the crown led by Edregard III

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