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True trolls were gigantic ferocious beings who were capable of tearing down cities and scattering armies. They once broke through into Kaevil from their underground lairs and ravaged the land.   Each raid of theirs caused years of devastation and horror and required great effort to put down. The last troll incursion was 200 years ago and it was defeated by the royal house taking the field of battle with a coalition of the other houses at their back. Great spells were woven over the fields of battle and over the deep fissures in the earth to seal the beasts away forever. Perhaps the spells worked, for no troll has been seen above the ground since then.  




Brute beasts, inhuman shadows of the great Trolls themselves

Skill Proficiencies Inhuman stealth [4], Ferocious Melee combat [4], Resilience [4]
Languages Trollkin speak their own language. Some may be able to speak the language of the Norlanders
Equipment Crude but effective armour [1] Brutal weaponry [1]

Trollkin Hags

Female Trollkin , smaller than the warlike males, but hideous in many ways though no two are deformed in the same way. They are steeped in foul sorcery from the time they are spawned and often command witchcraft capable of cursing their foes, fouling the land, and raising the dead in corrupt parodies of life.   If a character needs to resist a direct curse from a Trollkin Hag, they are penalised by the Hag's cursing proficiency.   The effect can vary greatly but may involve mental collapse, disease, blindness, terror or utter delusion.   Other magical effects are determined by the GM, with more powerful Hags capable of great and dreadful deeds using their sorcery, while lesser ones bring blights and misfortune on a smaller scale.  

Skill Proficiencies Stealth [3], Stalking Prey (3), Cursing [4], Fighting [2], Resilience [3]
Tool Proficiencies Simple tools, cruel knives
Equipment Filthy clothing, sharp blades, an assortment of dark-magical paraphenalia such as curse-bags, scalps, strings of human teeth


Stunted creatures, akin to the Trollkin but less fierce, less strong, less hardy... but much more numerous. They serve the causes of darkness and tend to their masters' needs.

Skill Proficiencies Stealth [2], Delving & Making [2], Swarming over foes [2], Single combat [0], Health [1]
Tool Proficiencies Simple tools, simple weapons - knives, hatchets, picks, spears
Equipment Rough clothing and simple tools.
May be given light armour and simple weapons
Genetic Descendants

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