Across the water from the Sunari Wilderness lies the island nation of Vexua. From the waters, towering ebony structures and turquoise lights can be seen, but the closer one draws, the harder it becomes to comprehend what's being seen due to the nation's unique barrier and sturdy inner walls. Strange ships of silver and black can be seen darting around Vexuan skies, disappearing in flashes of violet and aquamarine, or firing bolts of blood-red that seem to disintegrate what they touch. Whilst the general geography can be made out by careful study, no living being has ever been sighted through the barrier - it seems the primary purpose of it is to obscure them, more than their geography.   Life inside Vexua is extremely organised. The nation is split into multiple districts, each with different tasks, yet all citizens are treated the same and live in relative comfort. The League doesn't directly interfere in their daily lives, and Vexuans are fairly happy for what they know. They mostly inhabit angular apartment buildings and have most menial tasks automated and standardised so that they might concentrate on more important things, such as research and relaxation. Regular citizens might work in farms, factories, shops, public services or the like; those with no other position are given maintenance positions or set to do menial work that's too varied to be automated easily. In the standardised Vexuan schooling system, children are taught a variety of topics and are trained in many skills: every Vexuan is able to use a gun, has researched the nation's history and geography, and understands basic technology. They are also tested for their combat abilities. Those who are proficient with magic are trained separately and individually, and those who're skilled with weapons (or other combat-related feats) are directed into training streams personalised for them. The schooling system also incorporates light brainwashing techniques to instil loyalty to Vexua, positioning the citizens from a young age to oppose the outside world.   The nation's geography is quite varied, and the Vexuans take full advantage of it: mountains have been changed into multi-purpose relaxation and military facilities with extensive underground factory work making use of the cave systems, or have undergone large mining operations that seek to plunder the natural resources for use in the League's strange work. Beaches, forests, rivers and other significant landmarks are organised into 'residential', 'commercial', and 'military', with functions based on those. As mentioned, life isn't necessarily bad in Vexua - it's merely organised extremely efficiently so that all will have adequate time for relaxation on top of their usual work. And, of course, laziness is practically forbidden: they have schedules to adhere to, after all. Those who wish to leave Vexua are quickly pulled aside by the Enforcers - they usually return with no desire to exit the country, though if they continue to wish to leave, they are permitted to say their goodbyes whilst being watched, then have their memories of critical parts of Vexuan knowledge wiped (which they are made well aware of) and are released into the wilds. If someone leaves, they are not permitted to return outside of exceptional circumstances (such as knowledge of an enemy attack), unless their travel has already been prearranged. The few who have managed to leave without perishing the second they're no longer pampered tend to find life extremely challenging, and often commit suicide - as they generally escape into the Sunari Wilderness, this is not unsurprising.


The races of Vexua are primarily elves and gnomes. However, due to their brief period of allowing refugees, the nation does have a few others: humans, drow and lashunta, primarily. Drow, interestingly enough, are not discriminated against, nor is their society any different: they are perfectly integrated into Vexuan society. The lashunta are the descendants of immigrants who came back with the mages, fleeing their own homelands for the safety of a welcoming arcane-practising nation. Aasimar, tieflings and other variants of outsider are rare, and are usually prised for their genetic superiority.   However, the one race totally native to Vexua (well, on Istralar, at least) and the biggest source of outside interaction/trade for the nation, are the androids. They function as entirely sentient beings and are created in a enormous underground factory, each of them totally different in personality to the next, whilst remaining fairly uniform in base body. In reality, androids are essentially the same as any other being in that souls inhabit and 'power' their mental facilities. However, since Vexua is able to mass-produce the metal beings and, through their own secret arts, are able to subjugate them, they do export them as specialised slaves with little-to-no willpower of their own, and absolutely no memory of their birth country. Androids are often bought by the rich and powerful as guards, researchers or assassins, and are able to be customised by their purchaser to their liking - most nations are completely accepting of this trade, as androids are not seen to be people. This treatment has caused strife between religious organisations - for instance, Sarenrae's followers generally do not oppose slavery, whereas Milani's are vehemently against it.   Sources are mixed on whether androids are treated entirely as slaves within Vexua's own borders - most agree that they are, but there have been occasional conflicting reports.


The island nation of Vexua was once a simple forest-covered island, inhabited by a few isolationist elves and gnomes who preferred to keep to themselves. Their society was thrown into uproar upon the removal of arcane magic by the Gods as most of their members were revealed to be magical, leading to the remaining few inhabitants losing faith in their gods for taking so many away from them for such a pointless cause, to the point where they became outright dismissive of the gods and their faithful. Whilst their friends and families were imprisoned in the sky, they trained to develop methods of eliminating any wayward paladins or other divine servants who were sent to convince the island's inhabitants to resume their worship - this, over time, lead to a steady distrust of any outsiders, and walls began to form. Due to their anti-religious stance, they attracted both war and those fleeing from it, and were forced to develop a way of dealing with both. As it took time to establish a safe immigration policy, many unfortunate hopefuls were slain attempting to gain access. It was after years spent in this new normal that the Worldrend happened. As the ashes settled, the now highly-educated mages stepped back into Vexuan society and the fledgeling order that had been created was destabilised. Trusting in the knowledge of their arcane brethren, the leaders stepped down. It took an older elf, running with a strong focus on maintaining their society and closing their borders, to reconstruct the society... and it was at this point that an offshore nation attacked, trying to take advantage of their disarray. The Vexuans fought back with magical weapons and their first constructs, easily decimating their foes. However, they understood what this meant. Their land was valuable, and their knowledge immeasurable - they would never be left alone. A decision was made: they did not need the rest of Istralar, so they would take steps to seal their nation off from the world, permanently. Using the clockwork constructs their mages had begun to experiment with as a base, they worked to create mechanical beings to maintain their borders.   It is here that their history begins to fade into obscurity. From what has been gleaned from the few who have left, it seems that a small group of mages travelled beyond the limits of Istralar, bringing back strange magics that allowed them to progress further than ever predicted. It was this same group that enabled a fascist organisation to take control of Vexua in entirety, organising the nation with brutal efficiency and maintaining their silence to the outside world.
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