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Soul Alteration

Recent events have allowed us to recover certain documents from the Sunari Wilderness. Please be aware that access to this information is highly exclusive, and equally dangerous.   Do not share the information stored here with anyone not of the appropriate access level.
Final consequences apply.
The rule is simple enough.
  The nation of Vexua is one of powerful magic and dangerous science. When these two fields collide, the result is terrifying - both in that it is wondrous, and that it inspires great terror in those who observe it. The art of soul alteration is one such collision.   The details are known to precious few ever found away from the island, but chance events have led to the capture of one such individual and subsequent extraction of their memories. Unfortunately, this extraction caused a fatal error - none involved in the information's retrieval survived. Only the forward thinking of Dr. █████████ allowed for the data to survive.   Current understanding of the technique known as 'soul alteration' implies that Vexua possesses the ability to trap a soul before it moves onto its final destination, and may then tamper with it to ensure its next incarnation receives the traits they wish for it to possess. It is also suggested in the data received that this technique also permits for Vexuan controllers to encourage a soul to reincarnate into a specific individual. Whether the deities - such as Lady Pharasma, ultimate guide of souls - approve of this technology is not known, but we have reason to believe they very much do not.   Evidence of this technology's use has been discovered on some Vexuan refugees - particularly those of shattered minds. It would seem their souls were known to be rebellious, and instead of removing this trait, Vexua's overseers utilised their art to render such subjects mindless upon completion of their minor rebellion. Their stuttering bodies were located in the Wilderness, having survived unnaturally long for the Sunari's harsh environs.   Comparative analysis of this technique with existing soul technology reveals little similarity. Certain necromancy spells come closest. The Medimian Empire is currently researching for methods of accomplishing similar with their Amethystine Regiment and their general populace. Other studies of control, such as bloodline manipulation, focus more on less-dangerous methods that target current lives rather than entertaining the notion of warping souls.


Near-limitless. Could potentially be used to control enemies or create custom-engineered soldiers through defining specific soulbound traits. The exact extents to which this technology could be used are unknown; currently, it is at least known that the Vexuans use it to ensure they maintain a well-controlled populace.


Access & Availability
Isolated to Vexua. Unknown how large-scale this operation may be.
Highly complex.
Exact details are currently unknown, but it is presumed that the 'Ascension' of Vexua led to the necessary knowledge.
General Availability
Other nations do not yet have access to this technology/magic, and it is highly recommended that utmost care be taken to ensure they never do.

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