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Rox Academics

Rox Academics, an organization set on paving the way for the future workforce on Ignotas. With a huge linup of diverse jobs, it is safe to say, the future is looking bright.
— Future of the Workforce Report


With the monopoly named Rox Academics, skeptics have come to ask questions about the legitimacy and future security of this worlds school system. We at Clockwork Courier were invited into the Academcs and Rox Guilds Headwuarters, and were granted unrestricted access to the Academy Grounds in Vaporio to conduct interviews and research on this topic.

Organizational Structure

Our first talk about the Rox Academics was with the current Headmaster and one of the founders, Sharrel Isaac Garrett. We gathered, that the Academy is split into three major branches, Adventuring, Science and Crafting. While the major news around the academy mainly focuses on the Adventuring branch, since Soulventures are created here, the other two branches are equally as, if not bigger than that one.

Adventuring Branch

As you are well aware, all members of a soon-to-be Soulventure will be trained here. All Slaughterers, Beastiarians, Botanists, Warders and Soulweavers receive their basic, individual and specialized training. While the basics are taught to all, the individual lessons are profession-specific. Here the Soulweavers learn to weave and Slaughterers to... slaughter. In the specialized fields, each person can then receive lessons from different branches within the science and crafting branches to diversify their skillset. Once they completed their studies, the Venturers Guild will most likely recruit them to join their ranks.
As much as we need adventuring souls, there is no point in boxing everyone in and shipping the same product hundreds of times over. Having a diverse set of adventurers will not only benefit us, but also the individuals themselves.
— Mr. Garrett

Science Branch

Here, the minds of tomorrow are made. We personally made our ways through the halls of the Science Branch in Vaporio and can confirm that every student here is working day and night, tirelessly, to offer Ignotas a brighter future. To date (12R2C, 13 AFA), five major Science majors are offered: Arcane Engineering, Biomagi Engineering, Spellcrafting, Long Distance Engineering and Soul Enhancement Theory. During their studies, these students will get to know the pillars that make our world function and their respective study material. Once their student time is over, they are recruited by the Scholars Synthesis Society and will continue their work as apprentice under a already venerated scientist.

Crafting Branch

In the words of Revia Juliya Farrie, "Inventions of the future are nothing without the people to bring them to life". This is exactly what Rox Academics wants to accomplish with their Crafting Branch. Crafting studies are highly versatile and according to Mrs. Farrie wil keep evolving depending on new branches of construction in the future. There are currently five study fields to choose from, with more being added fairly regularely. Those five being: Alchemical Engineering, Magi-Mechanics, Artificery and Trinketry, Runesmithing and Soul Modding. Similar to the science branch, the crafters are recruited by the Craftsmen Consortium to further their carreers.

Intersection of Branches

During the interview with Mr. Garrett, he had the following to say about the structure of the studies in general:
We don't want our graduates to have a narrow worldview. We mandate our students to have a basic understanding of their respective other branches. No adventurer should go out there without knowing where their gathered ressources go. No Scientist should think up unreasonable designs because of lacking practical knowledge. No crafter should just blindly follow their blueprints without actually knowing what they are building. We are an academic system after all.
— Mr. Garrett, Headmaster of Rox Academics

A Students Day To Day Life

We were lucky enough to accompany a student named Kate Lyra Langridge, currently in her final year as upcoming Botanist, through a normal week of her studies in order to get an inside look into what the culture within Rox Academics is like.

Climate within the Adventuring Branch

The students in the adventuring branch are definitely the most hardcore ones. Piercings, tattoos, vulgar language and daily scuffles are all to be expected when roaming the halls. While this branch seemed the most loud and irritating one, it does seem the most fun. The students value respect and trust o ver all, which makes sense, knowing they would form Soulventures in these halls and relying on each other not to die in a couple of years. So here, being unreliable would not serve you well.

Learning Diversity

Ms. Langridge had a variety of classes to attend that week, while also juggling her preparation for the final exam. From theoretical classes like "Plant and Folklore", "Anatomy and Physiology" and "Phylogenetics and Taxonomy" to more practical ones like "Plant Identification", "Botanical Field Techniques" and "Independent Field Research", every faccet of a Botanist was covered. Additionally, we were able to get a sneak peek into the planned scout raid she and her Soulventure, the Magiseekers will complete as their final exam, which, while we aren't able to share much, could be a legendary big step into uncovering the magical background of Ignotas.

Connections To Other Organizations

In an interview with Ms. Langridge, we were able to better understand the inner communications between Rox Academics and other guilds. To answer the question on why we asked a student and not the headmaster, we wanted an authentic answer, which we thought Ms. Langridge could provide:
Well, them upper heads are always talkin' to random orgs. The thing that really matters for us is the fuckin' final exam. 'Cuz that is the thing the Venturers Guild'll look at when recruiting ya. For my mates at the science and crafting branches, that'd be the Craftsmen Consortium and them snarky Scholars Something Something Guild.
— Ms. Langridge
We inquired that not only those three guilds are in contact with Rox Academics however. The Hunters Org is also in constant communication as well as the military, understandably so, some niecher smaller research organizations and independent smiths, magi-merchanics and artificers.

Venture into the Unknown:
Embark on your Journey of Wonders

Founding Date
8R2C, 6 AFA
Educational, School/Academy
(Rox) Students
Parent Organization
Biomechanically Enhanced Woman by Midjourney

Interview Quotes

Oh yeah, studying here has been a blast, literally, I've blown up a total of three labs this week! And it's only wednesday!
— Spellcrafting Student
The craziest thing huh? Probably a horde of plants with wolve skulls as heads and bloody thorns all over their bodies that chase you by digging tunnels, trying to suck the blood out of your body. Why is your face so pale?
— Slaughterer Student

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Ms. Langridge Insights

Honestly, this place is dope. The only thing that pisses me the fuck off is the academy's food. Honestly, who in their right mind would pair pineapple with Stagliver?
— Ms. Langridge

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