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Artificing and Trinketing

Artificing and Trinketing is a delicate art. You not only have to summon magic, like your average mage, but you have to guide it. Know where it's going and how it behaves. Artificing is the highest form of magic.
— High Artificer Zylphia Penelope Wallace, Branchmaster and Professor of the Soulweavers

What is an Artificer?

Artificers here on Ignotas are modern mages. They are the reason our Soulventures enjoy their mechanical weapons, and our industry is as effective as it is. Although Artificers and Trinketers seem like average mechanics that are holed up in their lab, the reality is quite different. Most of our engineers are out in the field with the Soulventures to be on the forefront of newfound ressources. So naturally, lots of our most esteemed Artificers started off their career as adventurers.

The Art of Arcane Circuitry

Welcome students, to our first lesson on arcane circuitry. I am professor Wallace, Branchmaster of the Soulweavers tract and Soul Modder, a sort of subsection of artificing concerned with limb replacements and anything biomechanical. Today we will talk about the basics of arcane circuitry, its applications and limitations. Get out your notebooks because this will get technical.

The Basics

So, Arcane Circuitry describes closed systems in which magic travels in a continuing cycle following certain strict rules. Dumbed down this means that we can create circuits with which we can cast spells. These circuits have three basic components that are used in virtually every circuit. The Arcane Battery, Spell Descriptor and Arcane Output.

Arcane Battery

The Arcane Battery is used to store spellslots. before we had Arcane Batteries, we had Arcane Capacitors which could only hold a singular spell slot. Batteries on the other hand can store multiple same-level spell slots. So a 1st level Arcane Battery can hold multiple first level spell slots.

Spell Descriptor

A Spell Descriptor holds the Blueprint for your spell. Think of it as the spell written down inside a wizards spellbook. It would not work on its own, but when in combination with the power of a wizard, it is cast. In Arcane Circuitry, a Spell Descriptor will only work together with same-level Arcane Batteries. So no casting Power Word Kill with a 1st level battery.

Arcane Output

The Arcane Output is the component of the circuit through which the spell is emitted. This has to be any kind of Arcane Focus. Thus, like in conventional spellcasting, should you use an enhanced Arcane Focus for your circuit, the power of the spell will be enhanced as well.

Additional Components

While the first three components can already create some beautiful creations, we have many more components with which we can spice things up even more.

Composite Battery

Composite Batteries are the next step up from Arcane Batteries and are made up of multiple of them together with a Mechanical Input Controller. With these new batteries, we can upcast the spells we receive from the Spell Descriptors. To incorporate such a battery into a trinket, you will need to build the input device yourself and connect it to the designated pins of the battery.

Elemental Unit

Elemental Units were only discovered recently and are used to change the fundamentals of a spell. They store different elemental magiks and alter the spell you are trying to cast according to their charge. So a Fireball can become a Necroball.

Mechanical and Arcane Sensors

There are also a bunch of switches and lever components which we use to only cast spells when they are activated.

Even More

This is only the start of what can be accomplished as an Artificer. I know this is all very confusing to all of you, but we will go over everything in detail and will be building skill as we go. This is everything regarding our first theory lesson. In future lessons we will discuss the use of resistors, more sensors, mechanical inputs, transistors and more.

Building an Artifact

As for actually putting our theoretics to use, we need to consider a few more steps. Aside from actually buying the equipment, creating the circuit, and shaping the entire artifact to suit your needs, there is not much else to do. Which is not to say that we can just ignore these factors so we will all be doing a lot of smithing and shaping in the future.
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