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Hunting Protocol, Final Draft: Adventuring Party
Organized Hunts need organized structures. A group of four is required. We do recommend at least five souls for optimal operations.
— Senior Hunter, Polankhell

Uncovering the Worlds Edge

The Soulventure will be group of adventurers and scientists that are tasked with removing the fog at the Worlds Edge, fighting off beasts and gathering valuable unknown materials. They are projected to be the driving force behind the expansion of humanity beyond what is known today. It is easy to imagine that the bigger the inhabitable world for humanity gets, the more Soulventures are needed to reveal even more territory, while also helping out to defend the already liberated areas from monster raids.


A Soulventure will contain a minimum of four members, with a maximum of eight.

The Warder

Warders are the core of the Venture. They lift the fog and are responsible for territorial gain. All the other members are instructed to protect the Warder at all costs. Once they are lost, no progress can be made on the mission.

The Botanist

Botanists fight alongside their teammates, though mostly focusing on retrieving and fending off plant life. New flowers, weeds or otherwise are collected, same as plant based monsters. In larger teams, there could also be two Botanists on a singular team.

The Beastiarian

Beastiarians are especially well versed in the handling of beasts. Similar as the Botanists, Beatiarians retrieves components or whole corpses of beasts. Estimates predict, that they will more often than not also be well versed in killing said monsters and will live in the front lines of a Soulventure. In larger teams, there could also be two Beastiarians on a singular team.

The Soulweaver

The Soulweaver is planned to be the brain of a Soulventure. They will navigate and coordinate their team through the fog, often through the help of magical trinkets. Depending on their specialty, like long range damage, healing or utility, the team will operate differently. Most often, the team will be built specifically around the Soulweaver.

Optional: The Slaughterer

Slaughterers will sometimes be seen in Soulventures with sizes bigger than four. They should be an additional layer of protection at the cost of salvageable materials, since their only job will be to aggressively protect their party by forcing a way through hordes of monsters.


We will award each Venturer a base salary, depending on their initial trial mission and role, ranging somewhere between 100gp and 350gp per mission. Additionally, each ressource gathered on the mission can either be sold directly to interested buyers, or through the Venturers Guild. As per contractural agreement, each Soulventure member will generally receive an equal amount of compensation. Venture-internal agreements will naturally not be of issue.


The Soulventurers Guild will administer the team composition. They will more often than not select a Soulweaver, identify their strengths and weaknesess and build a well versed team around them, while keeping the interests of each party in mind. Resulting from this process are teams of all kinds, focusing on all aspects that go into liberating more ground. Not only the standard and balanced out "party of four" will be arranged. Scout squads, brawlers squads and gatherers will be created and given their own missions.


Each Soulventure is on standby and will receive a specifically tailored quest from the Soulventurers Guild in due time. This mission is to be carried out as soon as possible. Once done, the group is to report back to the, in the mission detailled, contact person. Only then, the quest is considered a success. we expect the missions to vary from simple kill quests, to entire raids, cooperating with multiple other Soulventures.
Adventuring Party
Alternative Names
Foglifters, Dogs
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization

Soulventure, Squad #4:
"The Brass Thorn Syndicate"

Soulventure by Midjourney
Where Industrial Meets Organic: Nature for Hire.
— Soulweaver, Laplass

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