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Worlds Edge

Clearance Log, "Foreverglade" #6
The Worlds Edge has been pushed back another 8.3km, yet there is no end to this forest. Additional outposts might be needed to transfer supplies.
— "Brass Thorn Syndicate" Soulwarden, Derreck Paul Brekker

The First Destruction

After the successful use of the Warding Light, we were able to destroy some of the wet and humid fog that, up to this point, engulfed everything around us. With us in the warded and unveiled area and the fog out there, we called the barrier between us and what lies beyond the Worlds Edge.


After some days, we concluded that the barrier has moved. The Warding Light was able to clear liveable and dry surroundings, but the fog seems to push the Worlds Edge inward. We need some way to constantly keep the unknown at bay. I would advise the Rox to conduct research into some permanent smaller scale Warding Lights to act as surpressors.

Clearance Expeditions

With the new Surpressing Lights we can finally expand the known world of Ignitas permanently. We will construct a Soulventure specialzing in installing these watered down Warding Lights around the Worlds Edge to keep it from caving inwards. We will call these special expeditions "Clearance Expeditions".

Beyond the Worlds Edge

The following paragraph is propaganda article to establish the expeditional culture the Rox Guild wants to build.

Your Family Needs You

In the Old World, when our kids were sick, we prayed to the goddess of health. We had a cleric work their magic, bestowed upon by the god of good fortune. This wishful culture is in the past. There are no gods. The gods have left us.

We live in a world we don't belong. The Worlds Edge looms over us like a moon desperate to fall from the sky, four headed canines with knives as eyes are only waiting for a calm moment to raid our homes, diseases that turn our children more into a weed than human are only a matter of time to be discovered. All of this is not a matter of "if", but a matter of "when". If we stay by idly, once the "when" arrives, we will not have the means for a counterattack or cure. The gods have left us.

The gods have left us, but they also left us with one thing, the potential to become our own gods. We can not stop the dangers that will inevitably come from the Worlds Edge, be it monsters, diseases, natural disaster, or all three combined. We can however find these atrocities first and do to them what they would have done to us.

To build a brighter future rid of dangers, we ask citizens of Ignotas to rise up. Your families need you. The world needs you. Become the gods those in the Old Worlds were and show everyone that with the prowess of humankind, we can accomplish all.

Alternative Name(s)
Worlds End, The Unknown
Natural Wonder
Inhabiting Species
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World Map - Worlds Edge

World Map
This map details the currently unveiled territory by humanity.

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