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Welcome! My friends, today you become one of the most important people in this world, Slaughterers! You will be the reason everyone else lives, not because of some fancy schmancy tactical stuff, no! Everyone else lives because before the monsters that lie outside these soothing walls ever see the light of day, they are disembodied beyond recognition by yours truly!
— Isaac Vash Doughtry
You are responsible for killing. You are not concerned about what each monster has in store for you, their attacks, their weaknesses or anything else specific. You will be trained to be the best on the battlefield no matter the enemy, adapting on the spot to the current situation.


Career Progression

After this brief introductory lesson in the Rox Academics, you will be given the title of "Initiate", and will be taught the basics of hunting inside a big group. The coming months, you will be out in the field for the majority of the time, since you will not be receiving much theoretical bullshittery. Your knowledge is best learned the hard way! Once you learned the basics you may split yourselves into four specialized groups!


The first group are the Slashers, these Slaughterers will specialize in melee combat of any type! You will learn how to maneuver around enemies to avoid getting hit, steeling your body to withstand attacks of various kinds and learn how to wield our specialized melee weaponry, dealing more damage to your enemies than you could ever dream up in your puny little mind!


Second in line, the piercers. Those of you choosing to become a piercer will be at range with the enemy, keeping them at bay, staying out of harms way and using our specialized ranged weapon arsenal to obliterate your opponents without them knowing what hit them.


Next up, Runners. Should you decide to become a runner, you will also become one with your camo paint. You will adapt to your surroundings better than anyone else, blending in with nature, stealthily approach the enemy and slit their throats before they can slit yours. You will become experts in traversing terrain silently, striking once and deadly and retreat from any overstepped boundaries immediately.


Last but certainly not least, Blasters. Should you have always had a knack for the arcane and want to use that to eradicate monsters from this and every other realm, be my guest and join the blasters. You will learn to use arcane spells, mostly in form of Trinketry, and aquire techniques to cast these spells in the most destructive ways imagineable.

Payment and Reimbursement

As for payment, the reason you are all gathered here, I presume. We, and basically all guilds employing Slaughterers are very open to conversation. Depending on what you want out of any given raid or quest, be it gold, monster parts, weaponry and more exotic things, we will be able to grant it to you, within reason of course. Since the souls gathered here range from arcane geniusses to hazelnut borderline stupid, we are negotiable.



So, I know what you are all thinking. Everything set aside, what are some jobs that await you upcoming killers? Your jobs may range from accompanying a gathering squad as protection to leading the front lines of a killing raid to claim and liberate more land. Most of you will be stationed in the current Expo Raids upon graduating, some of you will be in border control and some will become part of a Soulventure to take quest from guilds all around the realm. You are needed everywhere at any time.
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Slaughterer Ranks
— Isaac Vash Doughtry


  1. Brawler
  2. Warrior
  3. Slasher
  4. Duelist
  5. Blademaster
  6. Master Slasher


  1. Archling
  2. Fletcher
  3. Piercer
  4. Marksman
  5. Sharpshooter
  6. Master Piercer


  1. Observer
  2. Snooper
  3. Runner
  4. Assassin
  5. Silentblade
  6. Master Runner


  1. Fuze
  2. Magician
  3. Blaster
  4. Bomber
  5. Spellslinger
  6. Master Blaster


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