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Reveal Expeditions into the fog have begun. With the new Warding Light, the fog can finally be dispersed.
— Journal Entry

Horrors behind the Veil

We know little to nothing about the Fog. The only thing we know is that the further we stray into it, the more dangerous it becomes. This unknown danger somehow draws in our adventurers, and because of some godsforsaken reason, some of them even enjoy it.

The Cornerstone of Ignotas

When we first arrived in this realm, we were surrounded by this fog. We were allmost immediately attacked by wild beasts the likes of which we have never seen. We fended them off, put up torches, made a perimiter and somehow managed to survive. It seems like the entire world is made of it, and we landed right in the middle of it.

What lies within

We know that monsters await within the fog, ready to tear us to shreds. Though the wasteland is also full of unknown flora, so herbs, medicine, flowers with magical properties. Ressources the likes of which we have never seen, so metals, minerals, ores and crystals, and so much more is scattered within. We, as researchers and scientists at heart, can not shy away from such potential. Additionally, with more New Souls coming into this world, there is a necessity to explore and remove the fog to make room for those soon to arrive. With the newly constructed Warding Lights, this feat at least does not seem impossible anymore.


We send groups of adventurers inside the Fog, all with different objectives. We call these groups Soulventures. While there are more nieche expedition types as well, the most common ones are "Gathering", "Slaughtering", "Warding" and "Discovering/Scouting". We employ almost a hundred Soulventures, each with their groups specialty, with the number steadily growing. So we always have the right tool, or in this case adventurer, for the job.
Alternative Name(s)
The Unknown, Worlds Veil, Deathlands
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Oh yes, it is not the norm that a Soulventure stays together like we do. Some of them die. Actually, a lot of them die. New members replace the old, with the old souls being forgotten, their memories swept up and eaten my the fog, never to be remembered again.
— A Soulventures Warder
Bloodvine within the Fog by Midourney

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Jul 8, 2023 23:52 by Keon Croucher

Simple, terrifying, and sweet hell that flower from the depths of my nightmares needs some industrial strength weed killer ASAP. All in all, a cool concept, a truly lawless and wild place. Well done.

Keon Croucher, Chronicler of the Age of Revitalization
Jul 8, 2023 23:55

The fog is indeed a wild place, especially knowing that more terrifying bloodthirsty plants still wait beyond.

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